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Gears of War 2 - New Images

The never before seen images from Gears of War 2. (Gears of War 2, Xbox 360)

BUM  +   2704d ago
Amazing screen images!
onewinedangel  +   2704d ago
the first 2
look amazing while the others look alot like gear one
dwjohnson011211  +   2704d ago
xSHROOMZx  +   2704d ago
God I really cant wait for this game.. tha day it was announced I pre-ordered tha collectors edition!!! I love my Gears.. love it!
power of Green  +   2704d ago
There is simply no game that matches this game visually it looks close to CGI used for animated movies.
Dave2001  +   2704d ago
The game looks amazing yes but saying it looks close to CGI used for animated movies is going a bit to far IMO.
Richdad  +   2704d ago
Cliff was right abt the graphics part of Gears 2 and the online action showed was really great in the last game.
The graphics are really upto the mark.
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2704d ago
Dave, if this game was on a PS3 you would be saying "it looks CGI"
360 man  +   2704d ago
look how hench that locust is

veins poppin every where
etownone  +   2704d ago
Game looks amazing.

You gotta feel sorry for ReFOM2 because you know everyone will be comparing the two... so I wonder, if it's true what Sony said about pushing back KZ2 because they didn't want two FPS with aliens competing with each other....

why didn't they push back ReFOM2 and release KZ2 to compete with Gears 2?

I mean they been promoting and making KZ2 for years, so why pass up the chance to release a huge Sony blockbuster exclusive during the holidays to compete and steal some of the spotlight away from MS's other big blockbuster exclusive?
thenickel  +   2704d ago
Well the visuals are top notch and I hope they spend the next 4 months really bringing new life to the story.
NewShadow101  +   2704d ago
Who said there wasnt a graphical jump from the first? if you look at any close up screenshot of any character from gears 1 and then look at Dizzy's model from gears 2, you can see a tremendous jump in graphics. Gears 2 is goin to be awesome!
Beg For Mercy  +   2704d ago
graphics look nice
but man the multiplayer options from the ut3 disc look fun as ever man this might make me start payin for xbox live again
Beg For Mercy  +   2704d ago
shut that b!tch stuff up man, dont be hatin on r Fom cause you dont have a ps3, gears looks great but all 360 got is the unreal engine to show off its capabilities and its nice and all but i wanna see something different RFOM is gonna have tons of gameplay options that are better than gears so the both are gonna do things better than the other
etownone  +   2704d ago
@ Beg For Mercy
get your head out of your azz you dumbazz. ReFOM2 will get pwned by Gears 2 in every department!! AGAIN!
Like I said I feel sorry for ReFOM2 for having to go against Gears 2, thats why i thought Sony should have put out it's biggest FPS exclusive that so far looks like it can actually compete with Gears 2.

anyways, have fun with ReFOM2, the sequal to an average FPS, while 360 owners play the sequal to 2006's GOTY.
Kleptic  +   2704d ago
Gears 2 is the sequel to Oblivion?
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360 man  +   2704d ago
WoW veins just all over da camera
mesh1  +   2704d ago
haha there are way better screwens at gamersyde wownder why they picked some of this screens to try and donw play gears but it still look better thanany game out and that multiplayer haha e3 will make droids cry when they get hd images of the single player hahahahahaha im waitingf
lordv8der  +   2704d ago
1. Graphics are not anything to shout about. R+C-future was easily on par with that.
2. Storyline will be just like any other Xbox game, Lots of blood, Lots of swearing, no Plot.
360 man  +   2704d ago
r u kidding me
be honest to yourself now, are even kill zone 2s characters as detailed as this

simple awnser: NO

fanboi awnser: I DONT CARE DIS GAME STILL SUKS hahahaha
power of Green  +   2704d ago
Lord Vader  +   2704d ago
"1. Graphics are not anything to shout about. R+C-future was easily on par with that."

You are comparing a child's game to GEARS ?!? Ratchet & Clank looks nice in a kiddy-cartoony way as the artistic style demands. Gears is much more real, much more detailed,... & lol, not for Ratchet & Clank Lovers !!!

"2. Storyline will be just like any other Xbox game, Lots of blood, Lots of swearing, no Plot."

You obviously don't play Xbox 360 much. One word for you = MASS EFFECT

lordh8ter = Blind Fanboy = EPIC FAIL
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poopface1  +   2704d ago
Ill play gears......you can play ratchet and clank.
n00bzRtehgey  +   2704d ago

holy crap, that lighting looks amazing! now we just have to wait for gamersyde to get the screens so we can actually see just how amazing it is up close. god damn, I hate websites with sh1t small screens. WHY! DAMN U!
Kleptic  +   2704d ago
that is amazing lighitng?...hahahahahahahaha.. .you are easily impressed with mediocrity it seems...

this is amazing lighting, you noob...and this was from the middle of 2007...nearly 2 years before the game will actually be complete...


5th gif down...let the whole page load before judging, it takes a minute or two...and no need to reply, I know how silly you will feel after watching it...
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n00bzRtehgey  +   2704d ago
you're comparing a GIF movie to a screenshot?


I'm simply saying this gears shot has amazing lighting and motion blur. if that pic doesn't look CG to you, get your eyes checked.

and you had better hope Greyzone 2 has good lighting. we certianly know the material shaders are blurry as undetailed up close. and hopefully the game isn't as SH1T as the last one :) and the AI in that pic is SH1T as well. he just stands there doing nothing while getting shot. *yawn* I'll buy the game, if it doesn't suck ass, but judging by their last game, not likely.

no need to reply. We all know you GOT PWNED. enjoy NOT playing Gears DUMBASS!!!!!!
Kleptic  +   2704d ago
haha wow...comparing a gif equals fail?...why, because it clearly shows how advanced the lighting is over other titles?...

face it...UE3 has lighting that looks like it was lifted right out of Quake 3...that awesome cicular flicker that surrounds marcus when firing his gun?...yeah, really taking dynamic lighting to the next level isn't it?...

and how can you talk about 'motion' blur from a static screenshot...is Epic all of a sudden not infamous for bullshots?...I can do that to any pic in 3 seconds...

why do you keep making more accounts?...you have as much credibility around here as my retarded neighbor...in fact, Ted?...is that you?...
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n00bzRtehgey  +   2704d ago
you're one of the biggest braindead sony fanzombies on this site. everyone knows that about you, and that you're simply not worth it.

you'd have to be some new kind of retard to think ANYTHING about a Krapzone game will be better than an Epic game, let alone the sequel to Gears of War.

sucks to be u.
tudors  +   2704d ago
Like this one.
NewShadow101  +   2704d ago
the first two screenshots are the only ones that are halfway clear. the others have poor quality. i want direct feed =]
power of Green  +   2704d ago
Geez wow even that blurry pic looks good.

I wish all the pics were as clear as the two finishing move screenshots on the top.
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2704d ago
And there multiplayer screens, just wow!
360 man  +   2704d ago
and this is just multiplayer

loooool da multiplayer looks alot better than alot of single player games
kewlkat007  +   2704d ago
Gotta give it to Gears and the Detail on the characters..
...luv the first and second pic..
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power of Green  +   2704d ago
Just the charactors?, I'm willing to bet E3 show some impressive updated builds of invironments.
The first two pics are clear and are finishing moves. The top two pics shows what the game looks like, the finishing moves shows whatever environment and charactors that are close to the *gamer's charactor* up close. Also the top two have no pixelation the other screens suffer from.

Not saying you don't know this already I'm speaking to haters.
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JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2704d ago
Where the Droids at? most of the time they are in here saying Gears 1.5, what did these screens shut em up? LOL and they are multiplayer screens.
Lord Vader  +   2704d ago

NewShadow101  +   2704d ago
this game comes out in november...FACT: its not november. this sucks. =[
i cant wait, this game is goin to be awesome on a massive scale! hopefully the new campaign writers will do EPIC some good.
MasterChief2829  +   2704d ago
It is November still
JokesOnYou  +   2704d ago
those first 2 screens are fkn sweet.

GametimeUK  +   2704d ago
... A game to get me away from the ps3 for a few hours...
karlostomy  +   2704d ago
yeh man GOW2 is worth selling your ps3 for.
But after you finish with GOW2, you can always go back and install some bluray movies again. Isn't there a new movie out that actually has some gameplay in it?
Wow. cool. huh?

Pity it's all so pooh-green...
Rhezin  +   2704d ago
GUNS N SWORDS  +   2704d ago
wow nice really nice
i'm glad that they caught some of the detailed action in the pics.
level 360  +   2704d ago
Have also seen the awesome new video, just want to ask if anyone out here knows about any news with the limited edition box set?, besides the making of Gears 2, what are the "other" most likely features to be included? Anyone? Thanks.
Truplaya  +   2704d ago
you get all the current DLC, 6 maps, new game mode etc..
jmcorp  +   2704d ago
gears of war 2 rapes suckzone 2 anytime!!

and from a console suppoedly less "technologically advanced" eh?

where them sony fanboiy force at now?
pumpkinpunker  +   2704d ago
wipe those tears out of your eyes, sony droids...
...and fetch me a sammich.
TrevorPhillips  +   2703d ago
looks okay
ok for all people think this game looks so good no it dosent i can hardly tell any diff from gow1 to this only lighting and sharper image , MGS4 looks better to me and no im no
sony fan i have both systems!

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