Dragon Age: Inquisition Secretly Has A Game Bug Affecting All Players

The bug is not game breaking, but as of right now, few are playing the game the way Bioware intended it to be experienced.

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sobotz1093d ago

Great game, even with minor glitches. It's my personal GOTY as right now.

Meltic1093d ago

Ive played 15 hours soo far and i havent seen ONE bug. Meaby ive been lucky. Ive only noticed when i jump with my horse from a distance he fells on he's knees but i Think that isnt a bug.

Alexander1Nevermind1093d ago

I got the moonwalking in place bug but that's more funny than game breaking. Its also my choice for GOY at this point. I gotta say I put in 30 hrs just doing side quest and exploringbefore I got to the point where they sing after the one battle (don't want to say to much).

I stopped and smiled and my 9 yr old son got off of his Pokémon game stopped and smiled and we both said man this game is really great. Lol one of those gaming feel good moments there.

Christopher1092d ago

My companions talk at least once every 10 minutes or so. Seems on par with the past games to me.


rextraordinaire1093d ago

Game has a whole lot of bugs, and not secretly, with a few game breaking ones. Just go on the official forums and see. Great game, but it needs to be patched.

Roccetarius1093d ago

Yeah, we don't hear too much about the gamebreaking bugs elsewhere, but they do exist.

sobotz1093d ago

Compares to AC:U it's nothing.

rextraordinaire1092d ago

Yeah but that's leveling from the bottom.

I don't wanna live in a world where games that are "Not as bad as" become the standard...

AC:U has a load of problems, but those don't diminish DA:I's problems.

richierich1093d ago

I agree there still needs to be a patch its not half as bad as ACU but there are still many bugs on DA Inquisition

rextraordinaire1093d ago

Yeah, it's making my console freeze when I auto-save, hello data corruption!

Only work around I've found for that is to stop doing anything while it auto-saves. Not even moving the camera when it does...

wastedcells1092d ago (Edited 1092d ago )

I get audio glitches a lot. Plus some freezing and missing dialog wheel during cut scenes. I definitely have very little chatter from npc so I'm thinking I have this issue. Kinda sucks but I was hoping a patch would fix it soon. Great game.

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IanVanCheese1093d ago

Article: Bug is not game breaking*

Baka-akaB1093d ago

It's still a major bug , disabling or reducing one of the staple DA features

Klamba921093d ago

I have been encountering this bug and a couple more but those seem to have stopped after doing hard resseting the console I do hope Bioware fix this soon! This game is also my GOTY!

OmegaShen1093d ago (Edited 1093d ago )

Screen tear, lost sound, an a few times the game has crash (a few as three times vs 30hrs of game play).

But you want a game breaking bug, here you go-

Jk lol

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The story is too old to be commented.