Europe Weekly Chart, 22nd November 2014

Europe Hardware by Platform:
PS4 346,847 (+59%) 6,185,600
XOne 136,387 (+18%) 2,231,600
3DS 111,130 (+21%) 12,282,282
PS3 35,316 (+15%) 33,101,885
WiiU 34,607 (+21%) 1,773,854
X360 14,211 (-5%) 25,428,876
PSV 11,642 (+14%) 2,732,693

Europe Software by Platform:
1 Grand Theft Auto V (PS4)
2 Far Cry 4 (PS4)
3 Grand Theft Auto V (XOne)
4 Dragon Age: Inquisition (PS4)
5 Assassin's Creed: Unity (PS4)

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stuna11452d ago

This wasn't even a competition! Sales wise the PS4 is simply a beast, the holidays look to be a continuation of the full year.

TheLyonKing1452d ago

dat software domination on ps4!

bouzebbal1452d ago

When i see these numbers i realize that this competition is simply not fair..
And for those haters PS4 has no games, ask yourselves what will happen when games "finally" land.
suc* it EA!

BarneyS1452d ago


Funny thing is, EA's partnership with MS is actually a win for both EA and Sony. MS pays for all the marketing costs for EA's games, while Sony and EA are cashing in on PS4.

Lev19031452d ago


I agree that its a win for Sony. But not for ps4 Owners itself. Xbox owner can get NFS Rival, plants for zombies, bf, peggle and discounts on EA games for 30 bucks. So maybe MS does not win but their consumers certainly win.

I think alot of you guys think have shares of SONY. Because i dont understand why you will get so happy about their sales while exclusive wise and service wise you get less then XBOX at the moment.

But Yaay for you because sony sold more copies then MS. And that is what gamers want i geuss. More sales then games;)

Brettman20081452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )


There is actually more games on PS4 than Xbox One at the moment and more in development. There is also many more exclusives on PS4 in the first half of 2015 so Sony will continue their domination after Xmas.

PS4 having a much bigger install base and game sales makes third party developers more keen to make games on PS4 than Xbox One because there is more money to be made.

BarneyS1452d ago


Well this is an article about sales, so it's not a discussion about who has the most games here. I'm just replying on a comment, what does that have to do with me having Sony shares?
And yes, I do like it when the PS4 sells well. Because on the long term that means Sony will invest more in PlayStation because it's becoming more and more important for the company as a whole.

bouzebbal1452d ago

@BarneyS: yeah i know but i am not sure that was the intention from the start. they just bet on the wrong horse. MS is being milked as always....nothing new in that.

Lev19031452d ago

You know we are gamers, right? If MS makes deals with EA that means Xbox owners profit. Just like EA acces. Ps4 owner dont have this service. So they cant get these great deals. But you guys get happy when EA has the most profit on PS4 while XBOX have the better deals? Thats reason why i said that it like you have shares of sony. Gamers should be worried about what kinda games they get and not how many copies sont sold. But yeah "ÖMG sony sold more copies YAAAY".

In no way that 3rd party supporters will give up on xbox and only bring their games out on PS4. IF ps4 have 100 million base and xbox 50 million will the third party publishers neglect the 50 million xbox owners? NO i don think so. So your sale argument does not make sense. You guys just want that the xbox brand dies so you can pound your chess.

And playstation has more indie games. But quality wise. Xbox has more. And the line up of xbox in 2015 is insane. HALO 5, quantum break, tom raider etc.

XBOX owners are more then happy from what they got or will get from MS. Better service and more games because they want to beat SOny. But yeah you got your Sales. So congratulations.

BarneyS1452d ago


I'm actually throwing a party tonight to celebrate the PS4's awesome sales...

But seriously, why do you make such a big deal out of my comment? I was just pointing out that the deal between EA and MS mostly benefits EA and Sony. I didn't say anything about consumers. I agree, the deal is good for xbox owners. But my point still stands.

And again you start to talk about games in an article that is about sales. But if you want my opinion: I think both companies have an awesome line up for 2015. Although I prefer the PS4 line up, but that's just my preference.

I agree with you on the third party support, the Xone sells good enough to stay interesting for third party developers.

And last but not least, I'm not the kind of sad person that wants the xbox brand to die. Please don't put words in my mouth, thank you.

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LOL_WUT1452d ago

Wow the PS4 is just dominating congrats to Sony and always good to see 3rd party titles selling well on the console ;)

PoSTedUP1452d ago

wow. first time ive seen UK #'s. 3 to 1 is more than i expected. ^59% a month b4 christmas says a lot about how next month is going to go. once sony starts cutting costs on their mobile and TV's and focuses on PlayStation, it's over. cant wait for playstation experience.

KwietStorm1452d ago

So EA said the Xbox is catching up quickly worldwide. Xbox has sold slightly more than PS4 in recent weeks in the US, obviously enjoying the price cut. Then I see PS4 more than doubling the competition in Europe. What was EA talking about? :/

memots1452d ago

It simply looks good to say so for their Stockholder and those who think are stockholder.

badz1491452d ago

they were obviously only talking about the NA market.

ashen1221452d ago

holy smokes! and remember this is VGcharts the ps4 is probably selling better then this... jesus

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