Crytek CEO Estimates 20 PC Game Pirates for Every One Legitimate Buyer

Crytek chief executive Cevat Yerli offered an assessment of piracy within the PC gaming industry, describing the market as "the most intensely pirated market ever."

"It's crazy how the ratio between sales to piracy is probably 1 to 15 to 1 to 20 right now," Yerli told IGN. "For one sale there are 15 to 20 pirates and pirate versions, and that's a big shame for the PC industry."

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verb3k3795d ago

Far Cry is much better

Jinxstar3795d ago

"Looks" Much better. =D I have made the mistake of judging games before they were released and on occasion have been let down.

rroded3795d ago

In other news I estimated 99% of the pc woes are caused by inflated hardware thats outdated b4 you can say fix the drivers so it will work.

Seriously tho I hate to see this kind of bs just some guy pulling numbers from the air to justify a failed product.

JsonHenry3795d ago

Maybe in China! But certainly not in North America or Western Europe.

Crysis is a great game. Hard as hell to beat, but a good game.

verb3k3795d ago

You should try Far Cry...

Andreiy3795d ago

Farcry is made by crytek, I am talking about first one, not the ubisoft spin off.

verb3k3795d ago

I know that, but for some reason it's not Crytek that I used to know, it's changed, but for the worse.

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thereapersson3795d ago

It's why there aren't many PC exclusives anymore....

heyheyhey3795d ago

more than console exclusives

but those mostly consist of RTS and MMO games

although you do get the occasional stand-out gem like Crysis or Diablo 3

NRG3795d ago

I don't know if Valve would care, as their system allows them to hardly deal with any piracy.

Shroomy3795d ago

It's the most stable foundation that keeps PC gaming going right now, in the last year the library has become huge!

Funny to think how many people cried when they had to install Steam just to play Half Life 2!

Torch3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Admittedly, I was one of those people.

To be honest, I didn't know much about steam, and it felt kinda strange to have to install an ADDITIONAL program just so I could play a game.

Felt a little too "Big Brother-ish" to me.

But now, it's turned out to be quite an interesting and useful asset.

Either that, or Big Brother finally got to me and brainwashed me to think so. ;)

Shroomy3795d ago

The only comp I had at the time could play Half Life 1! and wouldn't play Half Life 2 vids from PC Gamer! I played HL2 on my brothers comp, he pirated it! :F

Steam I didn't mind, it felt more organized than just any standalone game and it's grown more and more. I wonder when Crytek will put Crysis on Steam!

Venomous_13795d ago

Steam is Awesome and valve games are so good you have to buy the damn disc because it's worth owning.

And Value for money look at Orange Box.

Now Crysis well being that it will only play at silky 60fps at 1080p in a few months or a years time amazing it sold any at all.

mepsipax3795d ago

at how good steam works, besides the occasional crash I love it, but what people don't understand is piracy does not affect sales for the most part, a pirate is always going to pirate, no matter what, he will not legitimately buy a game, so instead of b*tching about piracy just go over to steam, while steam has been cracked it is alot harder to set up pirated steam games than regular games, look at that crappy ass securom it screws over people like me that legitimately bought Mass Effect or Bioshock (not anymore though) because the pirates cracked it within a day of it's release, so the pirates can actually do more with their game than I can, but at least theres one thing a pirate can't do and that's play online. As for the Crysis bashing, Crysis is a damn good game, people say the graphics are amazing (which is true) but the gameplay sucks (which is false) the gameplay's not amazing, but it's certainly better than most games I've played.

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