How did Bill Gates get popular?

Everybody has an opinion about whether Gates is a good guy or a bad guy. But there is no doubting that his image is a lot different than in 2000, when Ken Auletta painted an unflattering portrait of Gates in his book, "World War 3.0," about the Microsoft antitrust trial.

With Xbox, Gates had a chance to play the white knight. When Sony started dropping hints about the PlayStation 2 in 1998, Microsoft went into a panic. Sony's executives were boastful. Soon, they were saying it was going to be the comet to wipe out the dinosaurs and was "more than a PC." Microsoft had to defend the living room, and Gates' attempts to partner with Sony fell flat.

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Zhuk3795d ago

Bill Gates is one of the greatest men in history, unparalleled genius and generosity, any critics are envious that they are not as brilliant as he is

Le-mo3795d ago

Bill Gates is a great guy. He donated millions of dollars for charity and even built schools for poor countries. It might be ok to hate on Microsoft, but not Bill Gates.

Says you3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Without software he wouldn't be so popular, sooner or later if he didn't the time line would have with or with out him! and what Le-mo said about the donations

and plus if he didn't make it he would be saying what if all his life.

3795d ago
Bazookajoe_833795d ago

And he has said that he will donate 99% when he dies. So i guess we could say he´s a decent guy. But microsoft as a company is holding the software business with an iron grip and will do anything to keep it that way.

In my opinion..

JokesOnYou3795d ago

well Bazooka, thats called business....none of these company's give a sh!t about us, we are just potential $$$$.

As for how did old Bill get popular?...thats easy he paid off the popular people to say he's popular.

nah, all (bad) Jokes aside the man has really put alot of money into some great causes, for that he *should be commended.


Bazookajoe_833795d ago

"none of these company's give a sh!t about us, we are just potential $$$$" So true...

highdro3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

MONEY TALKS !! but on the reall stop all the hate people !!

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