Thunderbolt Games Battlefield: Bad Company Review

Patrick Coakley writes:

Battlefield is back on the consoles, and this time it's exclusive. With Battlefield: Bad Company, EA DICE has taken a new approach by trying to create a convincing singleplayer campaign in addition to their standard multiplayer-oriented affair. Using the new Frostbite engine, everything in the game is almost 90% destructible, which allows for all kinds of new approaches to fight the enemy. While everything else is the same old style of the previous games, several console-oriented ideas have been incorporated to make the game more accessible and open to everyone.

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PimpHandHappy3795d ago

played it a couple hours single player and short run online...i like to play the single player game b4 i play online

this game is a ton of fun but it is in no way a COD is a nice change of pace when compared to COD

but the single player while fun has some issues with pop in and being just plain ugly at times. I find it hard to see the enmy at times and its only because they did not make the draw distance look good. When your aiming up ppl from distance you really see where this game is lacking!

I will give it to EA. This game is fun and i give them some leeway just because you can do so much online but EA has shown me they are not in the TOP class of game makers

i give it the same score