MGS4 Weaps Without the Wet-Work

Kotaku writes: "For all you MGS4 gamers, reader Christine L. has a couple new cheat codes for you. These look new to us, so we're passing them along. With them you can get the .45 pistol and the Mosin-Nagant sniper rifle before they unlock in the game (which happens after you meet up with the Metal Gear Mark II.) It doesn't exactly rock the foundations of science, but it might be useful to some of you.

She got the unlock codes from two different launch events in Japan today, in Shinjuku and Yokohama. A third was released at Omiya but she wasn't there, so its code is still out there, presumably (if you have it, send along to tips.) But McWhertor tested these out and they're on the level:

password mekakorkkk unlocks the .45 caliber pistol.
password mnsoymsyhn unlocks the Mosin-Nagant rifle.

Enjoy your ill-gotten firearms! The U.S. Supreme Court just ruled you have a right to 'em after all ..."

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Rick Astley3821d ago

That's the password for the long barrel Desert Eagle.

PoSTedUP3821d ago

where you put the password in?

NO_PUDding3820d ago

This is why the game is an outright 10.

The weird weapons, and techniques you can do with them. Literally only last night on my 5th playthroguh i foudn you can sneak up behind enemies and plant C4 on their ass.

And the Tanegashima is awesome.

Relcom3820d ago

If your on the 5th playthrough you need to go outside

Nitrowolf23820d ago

^^^ im on my tenth lol no joke

AllroundGamer3820d ago

you must finish the game once and than you can input passwords in the Extras from the Main Menu.

steck673820d ago

Im on my third, I aiming to get the no kill thing, sounds complicated but got nothing else to do.

AllroundGamer3820d ago

than watch out, because i tried it with no kills and even if i used only tranq guns the stats after the second ACT showed 6 kills, so probably when i was shooting with the machine gun on Drebins APC and the Gekkos exploded, they took some soldiers with them in the explotion and that counted like if i would kill the soldiers :(

The_Firestarter3820d ago

It is even possible to go through that part of ACT2 without killing anything? Those Gekko are a real pain in the butt! I tried just shooting at their legs, but they just get back up and Drebin won't go forward! :( It seems impossible (for me) to go through that whole game w/o killing anything!

AllroundGamer3820d ago

i am already at the end, and without those 6 accidental kills i haven't killed anyone, it's not that hard really, just don't shoot any exploding barrels on the way (like in the motorcycle escape scene). Btw those zombie soldiers that are climbing the APC are immune against the tranq shots, so use R1+left analog stick which will throw them on the ground and they will become unconscious.

Bubble Buddy3820d ago

Guys, you can kill any unmanned machines (Gekkos, the Dwarf gekkos, the spider thingies.) Just do not kill any person. Save often and make multiple saves in case you killed someone on one act.

The_Firestarter3820d ago

@ 1.9 thx for the advice! I'll keep that in mind for my next play through!

@1.10 I didn't know it was possible to kill an unmanned enemy! I seriously thought it meant you couldn't kill ANY enemy. That helps a lot thx!

Bubbles for you 2! :D

RecSpec3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

Also, if you are going for the top emblems (Big Boss, Fox Hound, Fox) and need to cut time off, you can kill the beast forms of the bosses with normal weapons (Rail Gun does wonders), you only have to defeat the next form by depleting the psyche bar.

Also it takes about 18 minutes minimum to go through the ending (after beating the last boss)

BkaY3820d ago

plant the c4 on enemies ass... lolzzzzzz man this is brutal.....

and i dont wanna know when u hit the trigger...... "KABOOM" and ass flying all over the place hahhahahhhahahha....

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STEVE-O-3820d ago

im on act 4 with no kills, no alerts, no continues, no health items used, and no special items used and on The Boss Extreme difficulty (obviously). This is my seventh playthrough :P

RecSpec3820d ago

Act 4? You're home free! (more or less) You just have to worry about completion time.

vickers5003820d ago

What. You want a cookie or something?

PirateThom3820d ago

I'm saving up Drebin points to get stealth.


I would play through the game with no alerts, but I play it for fun and to cause occasional mayhem.

rockbottom30763820d ago

sorry had to say it. I just finished and part of me wants to play the mlb the show...than theres that bigger itch to run through mgs again.

RecSpec3820d ago

I was going to try to go for all the emblems...BUT, I value my job (and money).

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