Video games for chicks

From the article: "Another tack is to sell games that women would want to buy. Game Factory, a privately owned subsidiary of a Danish toy distributor with offices in Santa Monica, is betting that it has the right formula: Take half a dozen addictive puzzle games, add one part ambient music, toss in some soothing graphics, and women will snap it up on their way to the spa. The game, called Zenses, is slated for release in the fall for Nintendo's DS Lite hand-held console."

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Tacki3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

I really don't know about this whole 'targeting by gender' thing. I'm sure there are games that appeal more to woman than others. I believe the Sims games for the PC had a high percentage of female players. Now I don't know of any research numbers or anything, but it's my belief that female's who actually own console(s) and go out and by games, aren't actually that different from male gamers. I'm talking specifically about REAL female gamers - not the casual bunch. I dunno... I just don't think games really need to be tailored to a certain gender. Age ranges make far more sense to me.

I understand this is a DS game they're talking about in the article. I'm just speaking generally, over all platforms.