25 rarest Nintendo games ever

NGamer writes: "David Dickinson, eat your heart out. We've all heard about rare paintings, jewellery or ancient artefacts turning up at the local church jumble sale, but what about silicon-based entertainment?

Fact is, those old games your mum keeps telling you to chuck out could be worth a small fortune, and because Nintendo's been in the business since the year dot, it's your NES, SNES and import games that are most likely to be worth eBay gold."

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TABSF3820d ago

the N64 banjo box art reminds me of when i was young, i portended that i was ill so that i could play it all week. looking forward to new one

joelejuif3820d ago

I got Banjo-Tooie here! But don't know if there's a difference between (PAL or US) version?!?!

TheColbertinator3819d ago

Great game.Banjo Tooie was a gem

SolidSnake933819d ago

If a game is too rare don't spend hundreds of dollars just use an emulator.