Palgn: Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice Review

The Ace Attorney series has got to be one of the oddest success stories in recent years. While the DS was supposed to be the system that brought new experiences to the table, an upgraded port of a 2001 Japanese-only GBA game Gyakuten Saiban ('Turnabout Courtroom') showed that the new interface could breathe new life into existing genres. It helped that an excellent new case was added that used the DS' features very well, and that the game was translated and released worldwide as Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, but even in Japan the series became a much bigger hit on the dual screened wonder. The novel concept, light point and click detective adventure gameplay, over the top presentation, and amusing, well written scripts have brought the text adventure genre well out of it's recent niche, and the games' success even surprised developer Capcom, who have had to issue several re-prints after sell-outs in the US. Barely upgraded ports of the two GBA sequels followed, keeping the series alive.

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