GameSpy Preview: Diablo III

GameSpy writes: "This looks familiar. Bright lights. Flashing graphics on huge video screens. The sweaty crush of a huge space filled with thousands of screaming fans and Blizzard's Mike Morhaime looking like a man eminently satisfied with his position in life on stage. It's Blizzard's Worldwide Invitational 2008 and the difference this time is that we're not in Korea. The crowds around me are babbling in a polyglot of tongues from across Europe and as the lights dim to red, a man climbs up on stage with a guitar to play a familiar, haunting melody. The smart money wins, the crowd roars its approval and Hell proceeds to invade Paris."

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Lumbo3821d ago

The best part of Diablo3 is that it WONT USE THE SUCKY GAMESPY SYSTEM but the good BattleNet

there :p

Bolts3821d ago

Nobody use Gamespy anymore, that middleware trend is now over. Now it's all about buttering up your own portal.