2008: A year full of Sequels

Engage Playstation has something to say on this years trend of endless sequels, but the question really is: Don't you deserve more variety as a gamer?

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Tacki3821d ago

"Metal Gear Solid 4, Grand theft Auto 4, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Resistance 2, Gears of War 2, Fallout 3, the list goes on."

The only thing I find 'disgusting' in there is GTAIV.

I understand what the guy is saying. I'd like to see some more variety... but if sequels turn out like MGS4 it almost makes you forget about anything else.

I want to see more diversity sure, but I think we'll be getting some in the coming months. And more than anything I just want good games. Whether they be sequels or not. Good games are good games.

Superfragilistic3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

As much as I welcome new IP's, particularly Too Human, LBP and GRID (which I'm playing right now!), sequels are an incredibly important part of the business.

The investment in a new IP is a huge creative and financial risk, which means that in order to recover investments and polish an IP further sequels are a necessary evil.

As you point out MGS4 is a watermark for sequels in that it has finally got to the point of representing the initial vision and investment of its developers and backers. GTAIV whilst despised by some, did implement a range of new mechanics and features that will largely benefit the franchise and industry moving forward. Halo 3, whether you love it or hate it, has revolutionised the way people play and share content online with consoles. In very different ways Resistance 2 (60player online, 8player co-op) and Fable 2 (co-op RPG with permanent affects and integration of XBLA titles) will push online gaming further.

I would argue that when the base IP is of significant merit and value, ensuing sequels are generally a good thing. LBP will be fantastic, but I suspect LBP 2 will be even better! Beyond Good and Evil was fantastic, but it needs a sequel to find a larger audience to be financially viable.

I also think that we need to be careful calling some games sequels just because of a number after their titles. Three prime examples are Fallout 3, Banjo 3 and Civilisation Revolution, which for all the talk of being sequels they are essentially brand new IPs that fundamentally change gameplay mechanics and which merely borrow the spirit and brand recognition of previous titles under the same name.

drdistracto7073821d ago

Hey i do agree, sequels are great, and i do look foward to many of them, but so far, nearly every major title has been one, the only REALLY new thing im seeing is LBP, and even that will probably have a sequel tied on to it. And yes, money is part, but sometimes developers can take a chance and give a go at creating a new franchise, like ubisoft with assassins creed, that is what really demonstrates my point, it was such a fresh game, and thats why i loved it, thats why it exceeded! We need more assassins creed's in this day and age.

Mc Fadge3821d ago

A huge list of sequels :P

Ninja Gaiden 2
Resistance 2
Killzone 2
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
Saints Row 2
Far Cry 2
Gears of War 2
Just Cause 2

And that's only the one's with 2's in them :0!

Tacki3821d ago

No reason to add them to the list, but just know Nintendo's entire lineup would be on there.

AppleSlime3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

What can we expect, really? I enjoy/will enjoy most of the sequels mentioned, though I do want more original content. But, as long as consumers continue to purchase sequels, and production costs of games increase, can you really expect developers to put down the cash on titles that aren't as road-tested as second or third installments?

I mean, we've seen plenty of brilliant original titles fall flat on their faces, financially, over the latter half of the last generation.

Still, though, this article makes it sound as if nothing original is dropping anytime soon, when that really isn't the case at all.

drdistracto7073821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

I am the author of this article, and i have to say, you make a good point, and i did mention that these sequels are in no way bad, in fact, I said they were all good, great even, I gave MGS4 a 10 in my review, but what you dont get is that we havent seen a successful blockbuster game this year yet that wasnt a sequel to something

and im not talking things like army of two or grid or anything, Im talking only about the real blockbuster titles that have been hyped beyond reason, those have all been sequels and/or part of an existing franchise

What im getting at is that we need to create a new franchise, and be proud of it. PS: Im not dissing any of the games listed in the article

EDIT: sorry i didnt mean to post this here, i meant for this to be a reply further up, sorry bout that, this one isnt aimed at you

MazzingerZ3821d ago

We should define "sequel" first...MGS4, RFOM 2, Gears 2 are sequels... these games are (MGS4)/will be awesome (RFOM2 and Gears2)...Fallout 3 as well


If we accept a new Super Mario game like the most normal of the world then I guess anything is allowed, we love MArio, we love great games, who cares if it's a "sequel"

Some people likes to make up topics just to criticize and get some visits in their sites, which I find really cheap.

drdistracto7073821d ago

I wrote the article to express opinion, not for hits or anything, i just wanted to say that we need a new franchise, and im not saying all those sequels are bad, they arent , they are very good, but i think that more titles like LBP or assassins creed need to surface, why does no one get that im only suggesting what i think, its not a war over what is a sequel or if they are any good, cause they are, but developers are more creative than that, they can create something genuinly new, im sure of it!

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