TrustedReviews: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

If you loved FFVII and you have a PSP it's a no-brainer: buy Crisis Core. If one or both conditions do not apply, then there's probably little reason to bother, but does that make the game any the worse? Not one bit. While TrustedReviews would like to say that Crisis Core was a strong enough title to stand up on its own, it isn't, but - all the same - it's a game that does no disrespect to its illustrious inspiration, and the first FFVII spin off that really feels like a reward for the classic game's fans.

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Light Yagami3818d ago

The battle system was pretty cool, and I loved the ending. I would have eliminated those soldiers, if only they revealed their faces.

permutated3817d ago

You're like...4 months too late for anyone to read your review.

Amp3817d ago

But look at the contributor :P