Digital Life: Ninja Gaiden II Review

No doubt dedicated (hardcore) fans of the series will persist and adore the game, uploading their high scores and videos of their most outrageous killing sprees to brag about their prowess. But Ninja Gaiden II is unlikely to win many new converts, nor is it a better game than its revered predecessor.

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Pizza The Hut3818d ago

have they announced if they are going to port this to the PS3 as of yet?...Im hoping that they will port this game, Left for Dead...and Dead Island lol ..Why is the 360 getting all the Zombie Games? seriously

Rhezin3817d ago

look at how dead rising how awesome that was. Oh and NO they aren't porting this just like they didn't port sigma to 360 because that was THEIR version this is ours, it was a promise to be made exclusive to 360 by tomonobu along time ago before NG II even started development. If this goes to ps3 then MGS4 will go to 360.