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Metal Gear Solid 4 is More Movie Than Game

It's easy to see why Konami didn't want reviewers to discuss the length of the game's cut scenes, because they take up more than half of the full play time. You thought the 45-minute cinematic near the end of MGS2 was stretching things a bit? Well Hideo Kojima was just getting warmed up.

You may be thinking, "But I saw the trailers before, and the cut scenes looked awesome!" Well yes, there are several action-packed cut scenes that are highly entertaining to watch. Unfortunately though, most of the cut scenes are much more mundane.

The game still deserves many of the review scores it got (though the perfect 10's might be debatable).

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Duplicate story
there are like 15 articles like this
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Duplicate story
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Duplicate story
We have seen 80 of these articles.
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I've seen about five of these kind of articles, at the least it should only be classified as an alternate source to one of those
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PoSTedUP3792d ago

another uneducated title for another pathetic article.....peace

Condoleezza Rice3792d ago

I think we should just laugh when articles such as these pop up.

I'll start it off;LOL!

socomnick3792d ago

Its unacceptable for a game to have more cutscenes than gameplay time. Cmon were supposed to play games not watch them.

juuken3792d ago

socomnick, unless you've played MGS4 you wouldn't be saying something like that.

PoSTedUP3792d ago

you the truth jukken ; )

ThatCanadianGuy3792d ago

It clearly says in the special blu-ray "making of MGS4 disc" that there's only 8 hours of cinematics.I even doubt that very much,at MOST i'd say 5-6

either way,excluding those "5-6" it took me 20+ hours to beat the game
26 hours actually on my first time through.

im not good in math but im pretty sure 20 hours is more then 6 no?
Beside's,with the graphics,7.1 dolby surround sound audio,and just plain captivating plot twists.Why would you complain about it?

power of Green 3792d ago

I find the gameplay over hyped rubbish. The AI and gameplay mechanics bug the sh*t out of me why do the AI's run right up to Snake without seeing him or realizing he is a threat untill snake moves the wrong way or just after a 5 or 6 seconds?.

This is not the 5th generation of gaming why does Hideo need to add a halo of stars over charactors heads to show gamers the charactor is knocked out? etc. I can't stand the High stepping animation for snake; looks like he is at Football practice when he moves his legs high stepping fast but moves painfully slow.

permutated3792d ago

You guys are too obsessed with the idea of watching games.

I'd rather play them.

PS - I don't have time to watch 90 minute cut scenes. The only people who do are pathetic teenagers with no life.

n4gzz3792d ago

I am sure that you have not played the game yet. But if you do get chance to play, try the boss mode then you will know if AI comes and stop or kick you on butt. You prob. saw videos of beginner mode and assume AI is easy. The boss mode where the mgs4 fun is. AI will make you cry and gives you perfect challenge.

ThatCanadianGuy3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

The AI doesnt notice you if your wearing the right camo,and laying still

if your used to halo or gears where you run about shooting your gun like a trigger happy nutcase,you wont get this game

Tactical-espionage-action.tha t's the way it's always been.

The "halo" of stars around the head is just a trademark of the game.
it's been like that since MGS1 i belive,maybe even before.just like the cardboard box,the bandana's,the ciggarette's just trademarks of the game.And a REAL mg/mgs fan knows that.Not a casual gamer.

As for snake's movement,i have the blu-ray "making of MGS4" disc that comes with the bundle.It's all done by motion capture suits,and kojima's dev staff actually went through military training in order to get a feel for how to make the AI hold guns,use hand signals,work co-opertively togheter,wield knives etc.

And the same man who gave them the military training
(i forget his name) was the lead military advisor for the game.
so all the movements are realistic and standard.I think your just to used to phony games to know any better.

Edit @puremutated.there's not a single 90 min cut-scene.

jessupj3792d ago

Because you have played the game, haven't you? Why not playing the game then giving an informed opinion, instead of just regurgitating your bias hate.

We all know you'd be praising the game if it was on the 360, so don't give me any of that crap. Good day sir.

cartman3133792d ago

@PoG - Cause you're on easy lol...

mistertwoturbo3792d ago

No need to suggest POG to play the game. The sheer fact of touching a playstation controller is probably against his religion.

3792d ago
Sayai jin3792d ago

This game is excellent, point blank. I would put Uncharted and MGS4 as the best games oon the PS3. I am still playing through MGS4 and enjoying it. It has more cut scenes than I would like, but there re those who love them. It boils down to peronal preference. Some would rather play than watch. I prefer to play more than watch, but as long as there is a balance then I have no problem.

Juuken-...1. It's Kojima, for the last damn time. You normally don't call Japanese men by their first names. Hmmm. Hideo-san. I don't know about your comment, becuase it was done all the time before I left Japan.
You said "Greys of War 1.5". There no need to put down a game just becuase it is not coming to the system you own. Aren't complaining about the Xbox Fanatics doing the same thing about MGS4.

godofthunder103792d ago

i just can't understand why fansboys(not fans,they admit the truth even if it's something bad on the system they have) of mgs4 can't stand it when someone points out flaws in mgs4.they act as if mgs4 is a perfect game,hell one mgs4 said it was the greatest thing that god every created,sad isn't it.

the truth is that mgs4 has flaws just like every game has.the ai for instance isn't so great in mgs4 and fans know it's the truth.hell they have lots of games with ai better then mgs4 and that's a fact.the cut scenes are way to long and some could have been left out of the game.

you could tell who the biggest fanboys are,for person claimed that the people that talks about the flaws in mgs4 and calls it names are 360 fanatics and just jealous that it's not on the 360.the same guy then called gears of war, Greys of War 1.5,well i guess he's just a ps3 fanatic that wish gows was on the ps3.

if mgs4 fans could just sit down and really look at what they are saying and the names they are calling people just because they talk about the flaws in the game,they would see how childish they are.hell the majority of them still gave it a 10 out of 10 like this guy but he just told the truth about flaws in mgs4 like every game has and a fanboy said it was a pathetic article just because he told the truth about the flaws in mgs4,sad isn't it to see people act like this.

the truth is that mgs4 probaly deserve a 10 out of 10 but it's not perfect,hell halo 3 got a lot of perfect scores and it's not perfect and i know all the mgs4 fans agrees with this remark and halo fans disagrees.

the fact is that fanboys will never admit that a game is good if it's an exclusive on the other system and they know it's the truth but want admit it.

the fact is that ps3 fanboys that claim mgs4 is the greates thing that ever was made, would say that mgs4 is over rated if it was a 360 exclusives.some the same mgs4 fans that claim that the cut scenes wasn't to long and it was the perfect length was saying that blue dragon cut scenes are to long and they wouldn't buy the game just for that.i guess they think cut scenes are only to long if it's on the 360 but perfect on the ps3,how pathetic.the same with halo3,if halo 3 was on the ps3 they would claim that it's the greatest game that was ever made.

the same with 360 fanboys.if mgs4 was on the 360 they would claim that it's the greatest game every made.if halo 3 was on the ps3 they would say it's over rated.they would also claim that the cut scenes in mgs4 wasn't to long.

everyone knows what i'm saying is the truth.mgs4 and halo3 has flaws.fanboys from both sides will never admit that a game is good on the other systems.there isn't one game that was ever made that was perfect and that includes mgs4 and halo3 like i mentioned above.they both have flaws and that's a fact and mgs4 fans and holo3 fans knows that it has flaws but want admit it.

i know that every one will take a bubble from me because i talk about both sides and i don't take up for any side.i admit the truth if it's good or bad for the 360 and ps3,and belive me they both have flaws in them.the systems are just like the games.fanboys claim that their system is better or perfect when the truth is that they both have flaws in them to and the ps3 does somethings better then the 360 and the 360 does somethings better then the ps3 and they had a lot of game developers agreed on this and i'm not talking about companies that's owned by sony or microsoft but unbias remarks.

CaptainHowdy3792d ago

MGS4 is still longer than most so called blockbuster games this generation AND it has an online component. It's campaign is longer than Gears of War, Uncharted, Halo 3, Call of Duty 4, Rainbow Six Vegas,Prey,& Bioshock. So if it wasn't a problem for THOSE games, why should MGS4's longer gameplay hours bother anyone...(whispers***it's own PS3.) Whatevers!

3792d ago
ARBitrator3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

It is really pathetic when a loser falsely takes the name of another person on this site. And make childish A$$ false statements while claiming to be the other person.

But what further compounds the problem and has really sent this site to hell in a hand basket is:

1. This person joined N4G 19 hours ago (Multiple accounts obviously, which is against the rules, but obviously no one cares.)

2. They have made 5 posts, all of which are false posts claiming to be someone else, yet they have managed to gain a 6th bubble. (with only five posts)

3. They fact that these 5 posts are pro-sony or anti-microsoft is why this person has gained another bubble.

PS3 fans have obviously condoned this behavior which shows the terrible balance of power (Or should I say unbalance of power) on this site. I am almost sure that if someone did this same imposter routine on one of the popular PS3 fanboys on this site, they would have 1 bubble by now, because the PS3 fanboys would utterly object to such behavior. Look at godofthunder10, he tends to speak about things that he doesn't like about the PS3, look how many bubbles he has.


N4G admins, if you are out there, please do your job and fix these type of problems, unless of course you are too caught up in the console war to be objective yourselves, in which can you should surrender you post because you are obviously worthless in that aspect.

Additionally, only a pure LOSER would even consider doing such a thing. My god, there is even honor amongst thieves. I know this comment will only draw negative responses from the clearly obvious immature crowd on this site. But somebody has got to put a stop to it. FAKE A$$ POG immitator you are ridiculous, pure and simple.

dantesparda3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

There's not a single cinema scene in MGS4 that is an hour & a half! Not one! Not one single one! The longest one is the one at the end and that one is like 45 minutes long. So i would appreciate it if people on the net would stop bullsh!tting about this. Also, i would have liked to have a hour & a half long ending, but nope, nothing. And I unlike alot of the A.D.D. ridden people in this site, dont mind watching the really graphically good cinemas.

This is the first time i have really played a MGS game (i have tried in the past, but didnt like the way it played), but i gotta say, this game is good, really good. I too used to think that the AI was dumb back in the days when i used to watch people play. But now after playing it and beating it, i can honestly tell you, that your first time through, the AI does not feel dumb, and you will be glad that it is how it is, cuz any harder, and you would feel fustrated trying to sneak around them.

And to people like PoG and permutated, of course youse would hate it, its on the PS3, had it been on the 360 then youse would all be talking about how great it is. You know i hate how all we get on these fanboy sites, and give biased opinions, no real honest opinions.

3792d ago
Ru3792d ago

The Gamer Zone is for members who want a more FRIENDLY and CIVILIZED discussion. This section is heavily moderated by the N4G staff, so leave your fanboyism at the door please. Members who are unable to behave in a mature and respectful manner will be temporarily or PERMENATLY RESTRICTED from posting in the Gamer Zone. Using words such as Xbots and Sony droids, or other words from the console war vocabulary, is strictly prohibited in this Zone.

ARBitrator3791d ago

Another example. I had three bubbles when I made my last comment. Hmm, perhaps in another month or so I'll delete this account and create a new one. Maybe I'll call myself 0nslaughtX or C0ndoleezza Rice or something.

I don't know just a thought, I mean really there obviously is no penalty for doing it. Or perhaps I'll create 20 accounts and become a bubble buster using a dial up connection so I can constantly change my IP address....hmmm just a

No, just kidding, it's really not worth the time...haha

n4gzz3791d ago

Dude, you are surely mistaken. I been member of this site for over 2 month and visitor over a year. I own both 360 and PS3. 360 gave me RROD enough time to not like it but that doesn't mean i don't like 360 game. I love Gears and few others. PS3 was definately good investment as i am using it over year and half without any problem. And for the last time, I am not bubble hungry. As long as i can post couple of comment about gaming, i am happy.

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LastDance3792d ago

I enjoyed the living breathing world. Moving around with the Mk11 during the briefings is very cool. You can keep an eye on what every1 is doing the whole time, making them seem all the more real.

No point ragging on a game that craps in the face of any game that tried to create a universe with believable and loveable characters. I love it how...People say things like.."well developed characters" and then talk crap about how MGS series has too many cut scenes... Get some brains.

LastDance3792d ago

guys on that site are making me hell angry. ... how can a video game no be a video game?......

juuken3792d ago

Last Dance, let them keep hating. In the end, we'll be playing this game and they'll be suffering from ulcers.

Blasphemy3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Well I for one agree with this article. I actually couldn't believe the game ended when it did. I thought the boss fights came to quick in Act 4 and I thought there should have been more gameplay in this game. Don't get me wrong it's great game but there's roughly only about 4 hours of actual gameplay which disappointed me the most. I also thought some of the cutscenes should have been interactive like in Heavenly Sword where it tells you to press certain buttons in the scenes it would have made the game seem so much better.

AlterEgo3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Four hours?

Yea, 4 hours in Act 1.

littletad3792d ago

I'll admit the game is rather movie-like compared to being an actual game and it's still perfection to the fans regardless, but that doesn't mean people can't have an opinion. The reality did set in for me when I was on my second play through, realizing just how little gameplay there was in actuality. Kojima stayed true to his fans and delivered a game that was similar to those that had played the original, and this doesn't warrant the game a perfect score. So your either dazzled if your a fan, or a critique casual gamer who simply would rather play a game with more gameplay. How on earth could you blame either?

Euphrate3792d ago

If you've played the game, when do you hear the voice of god?

Which act?

topdawg1223792d ago

Yeah I agree it is awesome, but there really is not as much gameplay as there seems. The cutscenes are awesome, but some parts do get a bit boring even if you are a fan of the series.Even though with so many cutscenes in between gameplay it still is one of the best games I've ever played.

beavis4play3792d ago

what both of you just said is ridiculous. it's like me saying i beat gears in 2 hours.

come on guys......

MazzingerZ3792d ago

ACT 4 is sacred, it's perfect and flawless...goodbye Snake, good job and thanks!

mistertwoturbo3792d ago

Reading some of these people's comments is more than obvious they've never played the game. Especially when they claim actual gameplay hours is only 4 hours.

Reality check folks, you CAN beat the game in 3:30 minutes if you do a speedrun.

But if you kick back and just play the game how it's meant to be played, it would still take at least 8-10 hours with skipping cutscenes. Again, for the record. Gears of war can be beat in less than 6 hours even when you're playing normally. Uncharted can also be beat in 9-10 hours playing normally. So all this mumbo jumbo about cutscenes is getting old old old.

Keowrath3792d ago

I said it before, I'll say it again,

I'm on the 2nd half of act3 at 2 hours 18 mins on the boss extreme difficulty (Yes I'm going for the BBE) It is ENTIRELY possible to beat the game in a ridiculously short amount of time... But it's not particularly enjoyable.

Luckily this is the last speed run I need to do. My next run will be with pretty much all items unlocked (save for corpse camo) and I'm gonna take my time and have FUN.

The game is awesome, the length of the cutscenes don't annoy me at all (as they can be skipped if you must) I have only 2 problems with the game, it not keeping your equipment/weapon set up (you have to select your stuff from the main menu each time you load and often after cutscenes) and the install between chapters (I have a 320gb drive, I'd like an option for the full install) Those are my only gripes and to be honest they aren't particularly anything.

Littletad, you mean The Boss Extreme right? There is no Big Boss Extreme.

littletad3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Here's a guy beating big boss extreme in 3 hours.

Seriously, check things first before you start calling people liars.

And mr. whatever, I did not do a speedrun, and your advice on "enjoying" the game on your play through makes no sense as I was talking about playing the game a second time without cut-scenes. When you do this, you realize how much game play there really is. Yes it's a great experience on your first play through, but that's not what the article is about and neither is my comment.

Oh, sorry Keowrath, your right it's Boss Extreme. My psn is Littletad, no idea if you can tell that sort of thing as I'm only used to Live so far.

Jim Crowslaw3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

that was one of the smartest comments ive ever read on this entire site.
u deserve a plethora of bubbles

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Pizza The Hut3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

but I never really got into the whole MGS universe...I can appreciate that its a good game, great art direction, and gameplay, just not my cup of tea i guess...dont like the Final Fantasy games either, Those "males" look a little bit too much like "females" lol

NO_PUDding3792d ago

Yer, the whole FInal Fantasy thing never stuck with me.

Neither did Pokemon.

But either way, I played MGS and MGS 3, and had to watch MGS2 on Youtube (as well as the others I played 8 or 9 years ago or 3 or 4 years ago respectively) and it seemed to interest me, atleast in an experimental style.