Analysis of Americas Sales for the Week Ending June 21st, 2008

VGChartz writes: "Metal Gear Solid 4 was the top selling title for the second week in a row, but Wii was the top selling console this week. PS3 sales dropped to the point where Xbox 360 was able to outsell it slightly.

Metal Gear Solid 4 remained the top selling non-bundled game for this week, but it is dropping rather quickly after a stellar debut at over 500,000 units last week. Following closely was Wii Fit which topped a million units in lifetime sales this week. Hardware sales roughly paralleled those two games – the drop in Metal Gear Solid 4 was accompanied by a large drop in PS3 sales, while the increase in Wii Fit sales accompanied a large increase in Wii sales.

Year over year trends continue to indicate that this year is trending to be the biggest ever for the videogame industry in the Americas. All hardware except for the ancient PS2 was up from this time a year ago.

.........6/21/08........6/23/07....YoY Change


- Grand Theft Auto IV has sold to about 32.5% of all Xbox 360 & PS3 owners in the Americas, with a total of 5.5 million copies.
- Halo 3 is owned by over 49% of all Xbox 360 owners in the Americas.

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Fernando Rocker3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Weird fact... even if MGS4 is a million seller (2.1 million by now)... it hasn't sold 1 million in a single region.

Acording to Media Crate (oficial data, because I know you guys here don't trust in VGChartz estimated numbers) MGS4 is at 600,000, selling only 65,000 last week (huge drop).

In USA is at 700,000, with a huge drop last week, from 555,000 first week to 150,000 last week. But this are VGChartz numbers, so you will want to wait for NPD numbers. But I'm 100% sure that MGS4 will not reflect a million units sold in the next NPD numbers.

The rest is from Europe.

Condoleezza Rice3793d ago

It's clear the game has done well internationally,and with the title only recently launching in Spain,Hideo Kojimas masterpiece will have very good numbers when it's all said and done.

Fernando Rocker3793d ago

Is not at 3 million. The game already shipped 3 million, but close to 800,000 are still in stores.

Condoleezza Rice3793d ago

Exactly,it's at 3 Million shipped.

I'll need a link for that "800,000 still in stores" statement.

clintos593793d ago

U do remember that mgs4 sold 1.4 million on day 1? So I wouldnt be suprised if it has sold over 3 million copies by now. Whoever is a ps3 owner and doesnt own this game is missing out big time. I feel bad for those who purchase a ps3 and hasnt played this game. It truelly is the best next gen game to come out. If u havent bought this game then I dont even see the point in owning a ps3, because this is the game all ps3 owners should be looking forward too even if u aint a big fan of the series, the game is a must buy game.

1stKnighT3793d ago

3 million sold? Stop making up numbers. The most recent report is at 1.8 million and dropping fast.

juuken3793d ago

Knight, that wasn't a made up number.

TheColbertinator3793d ago

Your on Joystiq and you say funny stuff sometimes

Fernando Rocker3793d ago

Yes, I post over Joystiq and do some of the photoshops. =p

Whats your nickname over there?

Real gamer 4 life3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

it hasn't sold 1 million in a single region.

I think metal gear solid sold a million units in Europe.

Thugbot1873793d ago

Everyone hypes up these certain titles like MGS4 but the fact is, while this is a killer title it isn't a title for everyone. The stealth action genre isn't as popular as others genres, so it logical that it will not sale as well as other games in much larger genres. With that being said there is no point in putting the MG4's sales numbers, and its silly for all these fanboy's to keep defending them.

Not everyone loves stealth action titles, if that was the case you would see more developers make more games of this genre. It is obvious however that this game is the uncontested King of its genre. To compare this to Halo or GTA is unrealistic because they target diffrent crowds.

These fanboy fights are silly.

PirateThom3792d ago

"3 million sold? Stop making up numbers. The most recent report is at 1.8 million and dropping fast."

I wasn't aware a sold units number could go down...

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ElementX3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Wow, 360 sales increased over last year without anything blockbusters like "MGS4"

And Halo 3 is owned by just under half of 360 owners! I bet MGS4 won't ever claim that percentage.

I'll still play it when i get my ps3. I'll be an equal opportunity hater once i get a ps3, then i'll own all 3 systems

clintos593793d ago

As a whole complete package, MGS4 craps all over halo 3 and is a way better game hands down.

ElementX3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

The Halo series is still being played YEARS after it comes out. Look at Halo 2, tons of people still play that. How many people do you know are still playing MGS3? That's right, less than 4 million copies sold probably means you don't know anyone with that game!

TheColbertinator3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Your comparing an online game to a single player game.Lets be fair.How many people are still playing the Halo 2 single player to MGS3 single player?Not as much because the essential collection was released for people new to the MGS franchise.Saying that more people are playing Halo2 rather than MGS3 is kinda like saying more people are playing WoW than Ninja Gaiden Black

Kyur4ThePain3793d ago

What does so many people still playing Halo2 say about Halo 3?

clintos593793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Just because a game gets played more because of online doesnt mean it is a great game. Yes multiplayer is where halo 2 and 3 shine but the single player is mediocre as it can get. The whole mgs series topples halo series in the single player area by miles. Also Kojima isnt an ICON for nothing and isnt called one of the best devs of all time for nothing. He is praised alot more then bungie can ever be praised. Come to me when bungie ever makes it to the status of Kojima.

Edit: Also forgot to mention that both halo 2 and 3 didnt even live up to its hype. Yes it sold alot of copies but alot people including myself were dissappointed from both games. I mean finish the fight? lol. MGS4 is how u finish the fight and also is as good as it gets to see a gaming Icon like solid snake finish his last battle with a BANG. Best outing for a game ive ever played in my life.

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Cyrus3653793d ago

I dunno what people expected, but did anyone really think MGS 4 was going to sell more than Halo? The only game that'll do that is likely GTA IV, and that's due to being on both systems, or something like Wii Sports/Wii play.

clintos593793d ago

I believe it has sold over 10 million if I am not mistaken.

Cyrus3653793d ago

my bad forgot about call of duty 4, but again that's combined sales of every platform including PC.

MGS 4 is a great game, better than Halo 3, but it doesn't have the commercial appeal as Halo 3, and Sony did a piss poor job of marketting MGS 4. I've yet to see a MGS 4-PS3 commercial in my terrority. I've seen ads with MGS 4 features in a PS3 commercial, along with little big planet, etc. But not on it's own. Imagine it getting a AD support like Halo "Finish the fight" campagin, or Gears of war type commercials, running for 2 good straight months over and over again. I think it'd definitely sell better than it is currently.

eagle213793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

I saw 40GB and 80GB PS3's sold out at my local Best Buy.

July is when Sony is replenishing the bundles again, but the 40GB outsold 360 last month. It will this month. The 80GB of course will have PS3 easily outselling 360 in June.

Vgchartz has been wrong for 3 months straight. Pachter too! :)

juuken3793d ago

Exactly. Gotta love them 360 owners claiming that the PS3 is finished.

Real gamer 4 life3793d ago

Why do we keep approving this crap? Vgchart just pulls out numbers out their a$$. Didn't they say that the 360 out sold the ps3 for the month of may and when npd's numbers came out, it showed that the ps3 came on top. And their was even times when vgchart has stated that the ps3 has sold more but then when npd came out it proved them wrong. time after time vgchart has been proven wrong.