Interesting Dog Breeds coming exclusively in GTA V PC Version

As we have seen a few days before, GTA V PC version is having more songs in game's Songs Playlist than console versions it is now also revealed that some interesting dog breeds will be featured exclusively in PC version of GTA V.

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DoomeDx1214d ago

No clear source at all here.. Even the websites source doesn´t seem reliable. Take this with a grain of salt.

Snookies121214d ago

To be fair, even if it's not a feature on the PC version, mods will most certainly be made to change the dog breed lol.

DoomeDx1214d ago

No doubt. Cant wait for huskies!

Link2DaFutcha1214d ago

I'm gonna have a bad-ass corgi named killer, and he'll rip motherfucker's throats out while looking adorable.

NukaCola1214d ago

Yeah, PC version just means you could ride down the street on a dinosaur. Anything is possible with mods.

decrypt1214d ago

PC version Dayz thats what i would like to see.

Testfire1214d ago

Can't wait as my ps3 version was buggy and never played right so I gave up.

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Lulz_Boat1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

the article refer also to a number of new exclusive-PC songs, which i can confirm is fake, because those songs are on PS4 / XBONE.

JsonHenry1214d ago

Its really a bit of a non-issue for PC anyway. We can load our own songs into the game through a mod. But most of us will just have media-player going in the background playing the music we want even without a mod supporting it in game.

Don't the consoles also support custom sound tracks through the OS? Or was that just the xbox360?

ChronoJoe1214d ago

Yeah both PS4 and XBOXONE have custom soundtracks too. It doesn't play as if it were on the radio, but it plays.

It makes sense too, as music doesn't need to be merely limited to the car. This is something that Watchdogs actually got right as the music plays from your phone and subsequently is independent of your method of transportation.

sugawalls1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

German Sheps and poodles are in the Xbox one Version. Huskies Too. Walk around vinewood hills near Franklins house.

ps. This article is wishful thinking from A Pc fangirl. Pathetic.

sugawalls1214d ago

Ooo look disagrees. Come on then people. Prove me wrong...

Muneebsalman991213d ago

Well we have provided the source. So blame them not us.

traumadisaster1214d ago

My best buy account Shaws I pre ordered it in august, I can't wait. Also sold my ps3 copy that day. Gtx titan should be enough I hope.

Software_Lover1214d ago

A guy on Craigslist traded me on of my Xbox ones for a GTX Titan black (6gb). I was like HELLS YEAH I WILL TRADE!!!!

........... I had to buy another power supply lol. Gave my nephew my HD 7950 which has served me well these 2 years

MicDude1213d ago

Don't buy a titan, titans are primary used in workstation builds. If you have titan money, get a 980 or a couple of 970s

traumadisaster1213d ago

I bought it like two years ago...

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The story is too old to be commented.