Microsoft Xbox One Black Friday Leaked Until Cyber Monday 2014 (11/28-12/1)

Techtorial: New leak for Microsoft's Xbox One deals on November 28-December 1.

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Septic1455d ago

Probably a silly question but will these kind of deals apply to the UK?

LightofDarkness1455d ago

Despite most UK e-tailers jumping on the Black Friday bandwagon this year, I doubt it. Sony and MS have a poor track record of mirroring sales across the pond.

XBLSkull1454d ago

Dang I already own all this stuff or not interested in the few I don't. Some good deals though.

ikkokucrisis1454d ago

*Applauds* MS,
I'm planning to pick up the X1: MCC bundle this Thanksgiving, so this is really great to see!
I hope Sony responds with some PSN sales too!

troylazlow1454d ago

it's the same for us here in Canada :( I see all these amazing deals on this site that are "Just" out of reach

oSHINSAo1455d ago

can't you just change the region and this discounts apply ?? im from Mexico but i have my xone configure for USA, and i enjoy of all of this promos

famoussasjohn1455d ago

It can be a bannable offense if you get caught using that method, so be careful.

TheRedButterfly1455d ago

I honestly have no idea, but it would be AWESOME if they did! Try a little international love MS. :)

deepio1455d ago

UK website shows similar deals. There's no mention of Fifa 15, SO and COD AW starting at $15 but it does say "check back from Friday 28 Nov when we'll be adding even more titles at discounted prices!".

halfblackcanadian1454d ago

I've seen pricing for the UK storefront somewhere on the interwebz so I think you should be fine.

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oSHINSAo1455d ago

was looking for SO, FH2, or HMCC, but i guess i will go for Shadow of Mordor

ghostface91454d ago

Sunset Overdrive is 40 fh2 is 30 and a lot of better deals for other x1 games too for their black friday sales. http://www.microsoftstore.c...

Estevez1454d ago

Shadow of Mordor is supposed to be $25 at some other retailers (Kmart for sure and I think Walmart)...

Thefreeman0121455d ago

As much as I want to buy shadows of mordor for my Xbox I will buy it for the ps4... My Xbox is already at 60 % storage with 6 games

HotSoup1455d ago

I feel your pain i got the 1TB xbone less than a month ago and im already at 26%

Thefreeman0121455d ago

Although I do have 40$ in Xbox credit ... Decisions Decisions... But I hate not owning a physical copy

gusgusjr1455d ago

That's why I purchased an external hdd in the summer time

HotSoup1455d ago

I only have $20 so its the titan fall bundle for me.

VforVideogames1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

I got Titanfall since day one and still play it till this day, that game is pure online fun. I'm getting mordor this Friday.

famoussasjohn1455d ago

I believe Best Buy has it for $25 on Black Friday (either console.) Great price for physical!

Khimarhi1454d ago

Kmart has Shadow of Mordor right now for $25 for both ps4 and xbox one. No need to wait til black friday.

Thefreeman0121454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

welp there are no Kmarts within 50 miles of me soo thats a no go

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ScorpiusX1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

It's time to go software and hardware Christmas shopping , how I love this time of year.

gusgusjr1455d ago

Going with mordor, walking dead bundle, and probably wolfeinstein. Maybe titanfall

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