411: Fallout 3 Preview

Fallout 3 is slated to be playable through both first-person and third person perspectives. Building on the premise of this being a roleplaying game, upon character creation you're given some variables to work with to build your appearance, improve skills, and other tweaks to your character.

Another feature, for combat, is the Vault-tec Assisted Targeting System (or V.A.T.S.). Using V.A.T.S will pause real-time combat and has been described by Bethesda as a "hybrid of real-time and turn-based combat." V.A.T.S. also provides gory deaths, in slow motion and with immense detail. The system uses "action points," which have been a staple of the Fallout series, to be spent by both the player and enemies to target certain areas of the body to cause critical injuries to those particular parts.

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kibbels3792d ago

I fancy myself a 'core' gamer, but feel like a chump for never having played through the first outings of the fallout series. Definitely not making that mistake with fallout 3! Can't wait for this one. The more I read and see of the progress gives me confidence this will be a fantastic game.

Neoninja3792d ago

Its cool if you didn't play the first two, I'm pretty sure alot of people haven't, but man I'm with you fallout 3 is gonna rock.