Playstation Beyond Metal Gear Online Review

As the long awaited Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots arrived a few weeks ago, so did the less talked about add on to the game; "Metal Gear Online". As most people who play Metal Gear Solid 4 are blown away by most aspects of the game, 2 of the main aspects being graphics and story, Metal Gear Online has a heavy weight on it's shoulders with expectation.

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avacadosnorkel3821d ago

It sucks spawning into a spot where the other team is camping

clintos593821d ago

It does give u a few seconds of invincibility so I usually just own the dudes trying to spawn kill. Bad thing is, if u have a gang of noobs on your team, the spawn killing will get your team owned. Usually doesnt happen though because im on with a few of my friends on there so we work as a unit.

OgTheClever3821d ago

You can get the jump on campers if you press select before you respawn. This allows you to check the area and usually solves the problem.

RufustheSage3821d ago

Didn't know about that, going to have to try that when someone with a Shotgun is camping, so very annoying.

ThatCanadianGuy3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

The amount of p u s s y snipers.

its borderline insanity how many cowards there are in it.
there's CQC in the game for a reason,it feels just like COD4 on there.
everywhere you go,quick shooting p u s s y snipers.

so to sum it up,it's not the game that's the people that play it.

PirateThom3821d ago

Yeah, the snipers are the worst, but they're virtually defensless if you get behind them... and I'm able to kill them with the M4 from a distance. Don't need no SVD.

Greysturm3821d ago

Snipers are the easiest skills in the book since they always take specific spots on a map which once you learn them you can rack up the kills.

The game is not meant to be cqc matches but much more of a team based specialty "do whats needed aproach", i find that hiding and taking unsuspecting enemies is the best aproach either by headshot or knife stab.

I love video games3821d ago

its fun, but i thought itd be the next big thing.... ya know, change the way we look at online like the story mode. im a little dissapointed, but i do love the cqc

Silogon3821d ago

I've played it one time after the insidiously long drawn out sign up and never went back to it. I just didn't feel it was my kind of game. I love the 3rd person aspect as we don't have enough of them but Warhawk is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooo much better than MGSO, in my honest opinion.

Actually, Warhawk is pretty much better than anything online on the console front anyways.

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The story is too old to be commented.