Gamezine: Super Smash Bros Brawl Review writes:

"Five months since the Japanese release, more than three months since the US release - what sort of time do you call this, Nintendo? Why do you hate us so Europeans so much?

They've finally learned to accept the US, but the rest of the world is unimportant to them (allegedly – gamezine lawyers)."

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resistance1003669d ago

It only came out in europe yesterday.

LeSouteneur3669d ago

that's right. Great score for a great game.

Snoozer2823669d ago

Europe got shafted and only just got release yesterday :(

DaddyDC6503669d ago

Look forward to playing it. Bought it off of Amazon yesterday for 25.99.

Rageanitus3669d ago

I have the gcube version of this game with 3 controllers... I still dont know what the hype of this game is

Played the n64 version long ago same feeling.

Maybe its a love and hate game

jackie chann3669d ago

Some of us don't give in to your terrible marketing, so we just get freeloaders and play the game when everyone else got it.

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