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Gamervision Retro Review: Final Fantasy X

Gamervision reports:

''This week's Throwback article is pretty different for a couple of reasons. First of all, I've never reviewed a game from the PS2 era for my weekly old-school reviews, as most of them just don't seem old enough to warrant any kind of true nostalgia. However, we are so far into the next generation of gaming that publishers are started to talk about the next next-gen, so I think it's safe to say that last-gen games are now on the table. Also, despite being an unrelenting fan of the Final Fantasy series, I've never reviewed a game from the franchise before. Consider it a warm-up for when Final Fantasy XIII comes out (sometime in the next decade or so).

Before this month, I had actually only played through Final Fantasy X once. When it originally came out in late 2001, I had just moved away for college and left the PS2 behind at my parents' house. I had no money, so buying another one, or this game, was not an option. I finally played through it four years ago, and absolutely loved it. Last week, I was suddenly struck with the urge to play again, and I haven't stopped since.'' (Culture, Final Fantasy X, PS2) 9/10

Marcello  +   2620d ago
This game was the last great Square RPG, unfortunatly XI was a poor MMORPG attempt & XII was for me more a hack`n slash then a good turn based RPG. That fighting system worked great in the great Vagrant Story but FF should have stayed turn based.

This RPG is my 2nd favourite, FF7 is my No.1 :P
LeSouteneur  +   2620d ago
FF7 is still my top favorite RPG even after playing VIII, IX, X, and XII. Watch as I get disagrees just for saying this.
Charlie2688  +   2620d ago
I loved X its my favorite FF from the new ones I specially liked the story and all the brutal and unexpect twists it got specially the ending, oh boy that was like a dagger to the heart T.T
fanboi hater  +   2620d ago
X was awesome
it is definitely one of my favorite rpgs of all time
Yoma  +   2620d ago
Yeah, almost everything was perfect.

The characters awesome, Blitzball fun, story SUPER-B! and the fighting style :)
Tawnokoi  +   2620d ago
I personally enjoyed FFXII a lot, but to each his own.

As it happens, I just started playing FFX again recently, from the beginning. It's a great RPG, especially when you get done with the linear part of the story and are free to explore all the places you've been before. Plus, it still looks great seven years later!
Alvadr  +   2619d ago
Best game ever! Have so meny happy memories of playing this. Still think Rikku is so hot! haha
theusedfake  +   2620d ago
I definitely have
some fond memories of this game, it's one of the
greats in the genre imo. I had to toughen up at the end of the
game though... so sad, lol
heyheyhey  +   2620d ago
10/10 for me

best RPG i've ever played
Dpa  +   2620d ago
Ive still never finished this thanks to the massive difficulty spike after the flying boss on the airship! Played to yunalesca twice though.
Kassanova07  +   2620d ago
RPG goodness
How awesome was the SIN concept? Sin was my second favorite nemesis, next to sephiroth.
iamtehpwn  +   2620d ago
Final Fantasy X
marked the end of Epic to me.
I haven't been as invigorated by a game like I was for FFX in years.
user858621  +   2620d ago
ffx 1 of the greatest GAMES!!! ever created!!!
Wakka_  +   2620d ago
Praise be to Yevon.
Harry190  +   2620d ago
How's the
Blitzball tournament going?
Wakka_  +   2620d ago
I'm quitting after the next tournament. Time feels right, ya?
eagle21  +   2620d ago
Famitsu had a 100 all time list voted by the magazine readers in Japan:
Final Fantasy X was number ONE! Awesome game indeed.....
juuken  +   2620d ago
I'm still looking for this game! I kept hearing about how good it is.
eagle21  +   2620d ago
Brand NEW (greatest hits version) $18.99 on Amazon.com (US)....
I am getting another copy myself. :)

It's #168 currently on amazon bestsellers list (that should let u know how good it is) !!!
juuken  +   2620d ago
I luff you! ^-^

I'm gonna order it right now!
Marcello  +   2620d ago
If you look on ebay or play-asia.com, you can find the International version of FFX, that is in my opinion the best & ultimate version of this game. It has an option for full english so no worries there.

Here i got you a link for that version but be warned its JAP so playing on PS3 USA/PAL machine is a no go, if you have a PS2 there are ways round to booting import, google is your friend for that one.

Harry190  +   2620d ago
Isn't that the one with the dark Aeons which come as additional side-quest bosses?
They are extremely hard to beat. Ha,wonder how it is against the Magus sisters.
JVIDICAN  +   2620d ago
both have the dark aeons i think
Marcello  +   2620d ago
Yes both the PAL & the International version had the dark Aeons but not the NTSC version. They also had the expert sphere grid.
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Baka-akaB  +   2620d ago
I'm the minority here . I didnt enjoy the game much . It had a great gameplay system , however i was absolutely turned off by the story and the characters aesthetics .

I disliked already Squall , his silent attitude and his posing pissed me off , and when talking , he had nothing remotely interesting to say .
Thanks the gods , FF9's hero Zidane and his cohort were far more interesting ... Zidane was a fun and charming swashbuckler , and his entourage (save Quina) was good ... his romance story didnt feel too corny and forced , unlike Squall and Rinoa , and later again Tidus/Yuna .

I never found him annoying , even if not having a voice in the game probably helped . Then in FFX square took a bigger an extreme step ... another "happy go lucky" guy , but without the charm , far too hyper , and horribly annoying . Worse imo (i insist on the "my opinion part") he wasnt well, surrounded ... a pretty bland group of friends like Waka and the gorgeous looking but kinda useless in the plot Lulu ... and the best looking guys being silent and mysterious to an irritating point . When kimari finally opened his mouth it was too look stupid , and when Auron wasnt too busy posing around , he had little interesting to say , evne if heavily tied to Tidus's backstory and his father .

The game also features imo the worst main villain of the franchise and pulled a batman (the joel shumacher ones) . Wasting time on two main villains , with one Seymour being pathetic and ridiculous , a drag queen cross of Kefka , Sephiroth and past bosses , with laugable ambitions and demeanor ... but a potential kick ass Sin , too often prophetized and forewarned , but shown little too late and far not enough .

I'd also complain on the gameplay side about the lack of a map . travelling on foot would be fine , but only if as free as , well as in later on FFXII . And on both story and gameplay point , i hate blitzball ... i hated how it was damn so important and interwined to the story at the beginning , and hate the mechanics in the mini game , to the point that i dropped it completely , giving up on bonus and items , once the story stopped forcing blitzball onto me .
The only redeemed features of the story imo were the concept of Sin , absolutely cool , and the twists at the end (but later ruining by that wreck of FFX-2)

Anyway if you can get attached to the universe , and like its characters , with a pretty fighting and leveling system of course the game is a sure hit . I totally understand its success .

In my case and not so few other people , the glass was half empty . Loved the fighting and leveling , but hate the story and its character , wich is a major dealbreaker for my taste in jrpgs . So feel feel to disagree or agree with me .

While i'd put it far below the following FFXII and many other jrpgs , FF or non-FF alike , it still blows away any current "next gen" jrpg .
The best thing to do is to try it and get your own opinion , if you havent already .
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King2008  +   2620d ago
I loved all the final fantasy games since 7
but I really liked XI....i spent years playing that game and I just dont feel like it gets the respect its due....Maybe its because it was my first MMORPG I thought it was great, fun, and had endless replay value...X was great and Lulu is the greatest supporting character in any game past or present lol.
Tacki  +   2620d ago
Final Fantasy X still stands as one of my favorite games of all time. It really is a game that should at least be given a chance by all who have even the slightest interest in the genre or series. It's funny how I can say it's easily one of the best games I've ever played, and yet I could complain about quite alot within the game. Tidus does occassionally become annoying with his clueless nature and dialogue delivery. At the same time there are moments (mostly his interactions with Yuna) that bring a considerable amount of emotional weight to the game. It was the first 3D Final Fantasy to not use the ATB (Active Time Battle) system, which I think is a welcomed change. Maybe it's because I never understood the point of having a turn-based role-playing game where your time to choose your attacks is limited. While at the same time I enjoyed the new battle system put in place... the Sphere Grid (used for leveling your techniques in the game) becomes too important to your progression I felt. If you f*cked it up (and I managed to), it could seriously stall you at a specific point in the game. In fact, in my game it became virtually impossible to make it any further due to poor decisions early on.

While extremely frustrating, these things can actually go to show just well the game was done. With all these complaints (and trust me that's not even all of them - I won't even mention Blitzball) you might think the game could never bring itself back up. But for everything FFX does wrong (or executes poorly) it has some shiny pieces of video game bliss to throw back at you! First of all the production values are top notch (at least at release) and some of the cinematics are sure to blow you away, even by today's standards. Of course what most RPG's really come down to (for me at least) is story. If there's not a compelling story to keep my attention I feel like the game's not even worth playing. I can tell you that perhaps with the exception of the newly released MGS4 and the Playstation's Chrono Cross, no game has ever gripped me the way FFX managed to. The story is so beautifully presented (accompanied by an incredible music score) at times and you really find yourself caring for these characters. I'm not claiming that everyone will have this same experience and be quite as swept away as I was... but FFX is something I feel would be a sad thing to miss. You may just find it to be the finest fantasy of them all!
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Baka-akaB  +   2620d ago
I can totally understand your feeling and opinion . Once again , given the game's production value and its pretty good gameplay , it boils down to two things ... if the story enthralls and please you .. and if it doesnt much , is it really a deal breaker ?

in my case it was ... i play too many jrpg with as well great gameplay , and something great production value as well , to not be bothered by a story i do no enjoy .

I'm also die hard fans of games often criticized or even disliked for their bigger emphase toward storylines and realisation/direction , sometimes at the expense of gameplay .

MY top jrpg of all is basically Xenogears , a game with great gameplay , but often characterized as having to many dialogues and stroy driven scenes . I even really enjoy most of the 3 xenosaga games , even if obviously far below Gears , and not at all in my top list .

i'm also a s*cker for FF tactics , with a huge twist driven plot , without shoddy romances , but epic tales and political struggles . I basically love every thing Matsuno has done anyway , thus enjoyed FFXII for it's great gameplay , it's mood and highly detailed universe and background ... and a story that doesnt feel the need to feed you , like FF titles tend to do post FF7 , a corny and rushed love story . I'm not even anti romance , i actually love them when done right , wich imo isnt the case in FFVIII and X .

Anyway i'm derailling in thought ... once again if you enjoy the story of FFX with an game already great in the other aspects , you can only love it .
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Tacki  +   2620d ago
Oh, I completely respect your opinion. I can see where you're coming from as well. I'll even agree with you that the love story in FFX is corny and rushed. It didn't even have to be that way considering how much time they had throughout the game to build on it. It's funny because though it is a bit 'shoddy' it kinda becomes one of the game's focal points. No doubt about it... more could have been done in that area. Though I'll just tell you this was alot less of a problem for me because I'm such a sap. You don't even wanna see how many Asian romance films I have. lol

I wish could comment on Xenogears, but sadly I've yet to play it. I'm still hoping beyond hope that the U.S. PSN store will offer it, but even if they don't that's one RPG I'm looking to get at some point. I have been playing Xenosaga Episode 1 as of late and it's a pretty solid title so far... but I'm confident Xenogears will easily top it going by what I've heard.

And here's a bubble, man! Not everyone on here expresses their opinion in a respectful way so I give you props! :)
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kewlkat007  +   2620d ago
Great fn Game, Music(just Awesome) and alll
The last Good Final Fantasy I played, and Lost odyssey reminded me of that game..

Final Fantasy 12 was a joke...I have the game looking at me right now and still have not found reason to go back to it.

I respect Square as the father of Jrpgs, but I'm no Fool . Don't expect me to like whatever it is that has final fantasy written on it.

I have faith FF13 will be good as all the final Fantasy that were the 1st on a next-gen console have been great.

Final Fantasy VII(PSX) and Final Fantasy X(PS2), ring a bell?

They sure had some funky costumes in FFX...and I loved Blitz Ball...lol

My Favorite Music Tracks from that Game.

1. To Zankarand
2. This is your story (I just love this melody, It makes me REFLECT)
3. Al Bhed Tribe's chi
4. Bisaido Island
5.The Sight of Spira(awesome guitar tune)
6. Luca
7.Tidus' Theme

Ok I think I gonna play this one again.
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TwissT  +   2620d ago
Final Fantasy 10 was really good, the only problem I had with the game was the ending. Way to stupid.
Tacki  +   2620d ago
Well, I'm not sure I'd say 'stupid', but I could see how some people might find it a little underwhelming. I won't include any spoilers, but I will say Yuna isn't exactly gifted in giving speeches to large crowds. lol
Poirot9  +   2620d ago
What makes this game great
As much as I'd like to credit the gameplay or the graphics, I truly think that, when it comes to final fantasy, it's the story that makes or breaks the game. And it is indeed the story and the characters that, in my opinion, made this game such a masterpiece (though the fantastically beautiful characters sure did help flesh things out well). Sure, some people say that final fantasy plots are all identical (weak person becomes strong, joins band of adventurers to save world, etc.) but that is a gross oversimplification. Each game creates its own world and, most importantly, its own individual characters and I certainly think that FF10 succeeds beautifully in both its world creation and character exposition. Indeed, once again in my opinion, I think it has some of the best characters of all final fantasies. Hate to be a cliche, but Auron is simply too freakin' awesome not to love. Also, sorry to disagree with comment #10, but I think that the writers successfully managed to make Tidus into a charming, endearing and emotionally poignant character despite his occassional lapses into hyper activity. Moreover, the story technique they employed when they started off with him narrating halfway through (I believe it's called "in media res") was really well done and the story just unfolds perfectly.

If you're looking for an example of an FF game in which the story and characters TAKE AWAY from the game, I would have to say FF12. Don't get me wrong, I still loved the game. I was absolutely SHOCKED at how well Squeenix was able to step away from turn based, random encounter gameplay. It was the ramblingly bizarre and overly political story and lacluster (other than Balthier) characters that slowed the game a little. Once again, still pretty darn good.
B-Rein  +   2620d ago
10/10 for me
the best ever RPG game i ever played, it had the best music, best scenes and the story line was just beutiful, one of the best rpg game so far IMO
bootsielon  +   2620d ago
I wasnt a huge fan of X
I liked all the FFs before it. I also liked X, but the soundtrack sucked and the characters were always whinning. I hope XIII will revolutionize the genre.
admeister  +   2619d ago
So many people either ignore FFX-2 or hate it. It's my favourite game in the FF series after X, I really like the battle system they came up with, you can use so many job classes, and level them all up independantly. I'm also a fan of the music. :)

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