PS4 Adoption Quadruples Previous Consoles in The Middle East; Germany 2nd European Market for Sony

During the Sony’s Investor Relations Day, Sony Computer Entertainment Andrew House gave some interesting data about the Middle Eastern and German markets for PS4 and PlayStation.

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BitbyDeath1456d ago

So I gather UK is numero uno?
I remember seeing how Germany was with the PS4 launch, that was crazy.

PeaSFor1455d ago

console gaming is dead they said...

chrismichaels041455d ago

Congrats to Sony on the PS4s continued worldwide success. This has been a great way to kick off the impressive 20th anniversary milestone of the PlayStation brand.

timmyp531455d ago

all of this is nice and dandy dualshockers but all these recent stories could have been put in one nice package.

dat blogger clickbait stretch.

you don't want to be ingrained in the halls of mediocrity with gamingbolt, gamepur, and gearnuke, do you?

timmyp531455d ago

All of these stories are news worthy but you stretched them intoi like five articles and it all came from one event

Blackleg-sanji1455d ago

I truly think this gen the ps4 will be remembered as great as the ps2 to early to tell but its a great start

khdaface1455d ago

here in kuwait there are more ps4 adopters than the other two systems, but in KSA (Saudi arabia) they are more into the xbox one

games_FTW1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

No I'm from KSA most the people here are in to PlayStation than any gaming console since PS1, don't now who lier to you.

jcjven191455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

I'm from Philippines.All Sony(PS) there.When I arrived here (Jubail KSA) still the same.

buyakabuyaka61991455d ago

Here in UAE, it's all about SONY.

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