Who Do You Want in MK vs, DC Universe?

With the upcoming MK vs. DC Universe title being confirmed there has been a frenzy of questions regarding gameplay, fatalities, etc. but my main question is who is going to be in this bad boy?

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chetan3762d ago

erm spiderman.....


Well i would like to see wonder woman :D

and superman....

superman beat the crap out of raiden.


MK_Red3762d ago

Raiden beats the crap out of Superman in a second. MK (classic MK1-3) > DC.

Polluted3762d ago

Actually since Raiden's powers could be considered "magic" he'd be one of the few people who could really do some damage to Superman.

Chris Bosh3762d ago


Old Snake3762d ago

Spider-man is part of marvel comics, not DC

Polluted3762d ago

@Old_Snake: Yup. That was the joke.

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Condoleezza Rice3762d ago

All the characters from the upcoming DC Universe for the Playstation 3,and from the MK Side; Liu Kang,Raiden,Scorpion,Sub-Zero, Sonya,Mileena/Kitana,Johnny Cage,Reptile,and a few others.

taz80803762d ago

This game needs at least 40 playable characters. Perhaps some unlockable original MK action as well.

taz80803762d ago

Curious if certain consoles will get specific characters like Soul Calibur>?

drunkpandas3762d ago

How about Scooby Doo? That's DC Comics. It'd love to whoop up on Scooby with Scorpion. Haha

taz80803762d ago

Scooby Doo was DC? WTF?>

In that case I think the stoner Shaggy is a must have as a hidden character.

Mr PS33762d ago

And call him The Xbot
It would be great fun beating 10 pints of piss outa that little snot nosed freak that wears his underpants on his head

taz80803762d ago

That could be kinda funny. Vice versa would be kinda classic as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.