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Submitted by BIoodmask 2784d ago | article

The Greatest Fighting Games of All Time

One of the most popular genres in videogaming, fighting games have been one of those genres that people will clamor for, whether it be solo, online, or in the arcades. Anyone from any skill level can sit down and enjoy a fighting game, whether they be a casual player or a tournament pro.

The fighting game genre is host to some remarkable games that have become timless classics and have even spawned entire franchises and spinoffs that are still being played today. So without further ado let's take a step back in time and look at some of the truly great fighting games of yesterday as well as some of the more memorable ones of modern day. (Culture, Dead or Alive 4, PS3, Virtua Fighter 5, Xbox 360)

pharmd  +   2784d ago
talk about nostalgia
CLASSIC isnt even the word to describe, these are the games that helped forge my passion for gaming, i still remember the days of waiting in line at the arcade for MK and SF, oh the quarters spent... i forgot how many timeless classics there really were until reading the list!!!!
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veteran420  +   2784d ago
BIoodmask  +   2784d ago
Mortal Kombat 2
is best of MK franchise IMO. Second best is Ultimate MK3. I did not like auto-combo sytem in MK3 but run button was a nice addition. Classic MK is all about air juggles and creating your own combos IMO.
pharmd  +   2784d ago
i honestly gotta say MK I simply because it was the beginning, without that foundation to build on the others would have been nothing, but that game set the pace for one of the best fighting series of all time.... i mean, cmon, the pit that was unheard of at the time
kewlkat007  +   2784d ago
Yeah your right about that one, talk about nostalgia
Was I the only one that played "BATTLE ARENA TOSHINDEN"? on the PSX, I love "Mondo" from that game and his Stage music....haha

They also forgot "Art of Fighting".

Very good list..tho I still play all these games on my MAME Machine here and there..

KI, MKII, and Street Fighter, Fatal Fury have always been my favorites.

Some would say MKII was a great Port, well I would too but don't forget "Mortal Kombat Trilogy" was had all the classic characters(N64)

Tekken, Virtual Fighter, Soul Caliber introduced the 3-D fighters.
I would say TEKKEN TAG TOURNY was the best of the series.

Now they all are making a Come-Back...
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deeznuts  +   2783d ago
GOAT is SFII Championship Edition.
DC RID3R  +   2784d ago
Excellent article...............
almost like a blast from the past! I'd love to see classics like SNK vs Capcom 2, Mark of the Wolves, Art Of Fighting 3 etc...hit XBLA VC or PSN
SmokingMonkey  +   2784d ago
Who is the master?

LOL i love the name BRUCE LEEROY, smoeone should make that their PSN name. good ol' fashioned passive american racism. nothin beats that.
kewlkat007  +   2784d ago
SmokingMonkey - That's SHO'NUFF!! THe Baddest MOFO Lowdown Around this Town..
BIoodmask  +   2784d ago
This is good list
All these games are timeless classics. I have always been a big fan of the Street Fighter series and the spinoffs. MK 1&2, Killer Instinct 1&2, and Samurai Shodown will always be great.

Capcom and SNK are great producers for fighting titles. Two of my favorites. I can't wait for Killer Instinct 3.
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Polluted  +   2784d ago
It's a good list, but come Primal Rage?
SmokingMonkey  +   2784d ago
i hope 2-d fighters make a comeback
Street fighter alpha 3 was my favorite
Samurai Shodown is phenominal
but guilty gear has taken 2d fighters to its next gen phase

BLAZBLUE giggidy
Ri0tSquad  +   2784d ago
I have been playing that game on 360 since it was released. It's the best arcade perfect port of the game on a console. I would even go as far to say that I have playing UMK3 more then any 360 game I own. Easily better then the arcade version itself. It's my favorite game out of the entire Mortal Kombat series & and my favorite fighting game period. I enjoyed Mortal Kombat 2 as well. The fatalities were much better then UMK3's. Lol, I could only beat the game with Shang Tsung, Baraka, or Kitana. The A.I. was super cheap in MK2. UMK3's A.I. was a lot easier but competitive playing (online or local) is what made it so much fun and better then MK2 IMO.

I agree with that whole entire list. Seeing them brings back memories. It's really sad that the only 2D fighter I'm looking forward to is Street Figther II HD Remix.
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Atomic  +   2783d ago
all fighting games that feature scanned real life models are complete garbage with awful rigid animation and garish , gaudy aesthetics.
so subsequently ,Mortal Kombat and Killer instinct should be disqualified from the list.
Street fighter II(at the time) and third strike are the finest fighting games with beautiful animations and drawing style.
belal  +   2784d ago
tekken is
the best fighting series of all time, sutch good story of each character and good gameplay too :D

second os MK 2 followed by STREET fighter series :D
BIoodmask  +   2784d ago
There is no way Tekken series
is better than Street Fighter, MK, or KI series. You are entitled to your opinion. But those three franchises are legends of fighting game genre. Guity Gear and Samurai Shodown are also phenomenal fighting games.

3D is good but 2D will always be king for fighting games IMO.
PoSTedUP  +   2784d ago
i agree with both of you. (dont ask)

mortal kombat is the golden eye007 of fighting games.

BUT tekken is a more well thought out fighting game. (not because of the graphics but the story as well)

i love them both but i would have to go with tekken.

BUT i also love the fatality's/ brutality's etc. in MK

they both have their differences and their both great games.
Marceles  +   2784d ago
I definitely agree that nothing can touch SF or the MK series. I can definitely say KI and Tekken were great new additions to the fighting genre after SF, MK, and Virtua Fighter. It was pretty tough to compete with those games at the time and those 2 series have held their own with the best.
kewlkat007  +   2784d ago
I think nothing touches Sreet Fighter
in many eyes it was that Arcade Port that brought the fighting Genre to consoles.

SF was the pioneer when you look at "Super Street Fighter:Turbo Edition" on the SNES...those were the days.

Event hough the Movie sucked...but it made it to Hollywood, not many games do that. Besides the Anime.
socomnick  +   2783d ago
tekken is trash m8. Its just a button smasher with garbage characters. Street fighter 2 is the king of all fighting games. followed by mk and killer instinct.
resistance100  +   2784d ago
Tekken is by far my favuorite fighting series, heres hoping Tekken 6 comes out this year

Edit - I get 2 disagree's for saying that i like Tekken the most and wanting 6 to come out this year. lol
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Still_Breathing  +   2782d ago
It's ridiculous
how people disagree with you for no reason.
BTW, I'll probably get disagrees for this.
soul899er  +   2784d ago
Rival Schools for Dreamcast and PS1 was my all time favorite fighter back in my day xD
Bnet343  +   2783d ago
oh man i remember that game, my fav character was that soccer player who kicks the ball and damages you with it
theusedfake  +   2784d ago
I've got a soft spot for
eternal champions on the genesis

while not the greatest fighter, it was definitely one
of the funnest games I've played.
DanB91  +   2784d ago
UMK3 the best
That's all that needs to be said.
Surfman  +   2784d ago
SFII is the one i played the most, i had much fun on my Snes years ago.
cmrbe  +   2784d ago
was the first for me.

KI was the best in the SNES era though IMO.

Tekken though is still the best for me ATM. KI would have kicked ass if it made a PS transition though and would have proably been better than Tekeen if it did.

Other notable inclusion is DOA2. I just love how fast and easy it was to use the fighting schemes. The counter system was implemented much better than most other fighters than had them. The graphics were pretty good for its time as well.
RAM MAGNUMS  +   2784d ago
tekken has outlived them all to be the best!
then fight night
street fighter
virtua fighter
ultimate mortal kombat!

My top is tekken, fight night, streetfighter & ultimate mk
the rest aren't as deep or skillful to me.
I can't forget eternal champions with lancer & trident.
lancer fought praying mantis style!
samurai showdown was one of the best too!
but there was another sega genesis fighter that I can't remember that had a barbarian and he would dismember & killed player 2!
if anybody knows what I'm talking about help me out with name & link.
back then gamepro went crazy for it. Its combos with weapons were great & you could lose the weapon too.
it was very innovative blocking system.
please remember bushido blade as well!!!
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zypher  +   2784d ago
What? No Tobal or Bushido's Blade?
still, it's a pretty good list, as well as a refreshing trip down memory lane. i too remember those days spending 10s' of dollars worth of quarters trying to perfect Ken in Street Fighter 2. i even remember when i first learn how to hadoken (it was at a Six Flags theme park back in 1992). my all-time favorite would probably be between Marvel vs. Capcom and Soul Calibur though, but i can appreciate every game mentioned here...well, except for DOA.
cmrbe  +   2784d ago
was good but one hit kill was kinda too realistic.
Testo  +   2783d ago
Bushido FTW!
I cant see the site for whatever reason but knowing that there is no Bushido Blade is kind of an upset.

I loved the 1 hit kills or the capability to disable ones arms or legs for the remainder of the battle.

I wonder if I can find that game anywhere.
MK_Red  +   2784d ago
Perfect list. Love the KI pic. Fulgore vs Cinder = My faves from KI.

MK2 and MK3 FTW! "MK"_Red here! (Ultimate MK fanboy :D )
cmrbe  +   2784d ago
Cinder is the man. I was just hooked on cinder when i first played KI. Of all the characters in KI only the boxer i didn't like. Its sad really it didn't make a PS transition because if it did it would have been better than Tekken IMO. I know Nin owners Rare but dam it would have been great if KI made a PS transition.
MK_Red  +   2784d ago
Well, hopefully now that the Rare is free from clutches of evil Nin (Who forced them to tone down KI2 to get the T rating), they can make the ultimate M rated and badass Killer Instinct 3.

Also, yeah. Cinder RULES! (In KI though, I'm still the MK fanboy)
iamtehpwn  +   2784d ago
Seriously. Smash bros. Ftw.
Charlie2688  +   2784d ago
It was a great list my only thing with it was some odd choices when it came to selecting the specific game from the franchise some were the spot on that became legendary others were the classic "other choice" of the "other" side of the fans...not bad but I guess it kind of clashes with me cuz I am from the contrary side of the fans I mentioned before XD
Peow  +   2784d ago
MKII, Killer Instict II, Soul Calibur and Power Stone on the DC. Best fighters ever.

And SSB is pretty good too :P
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Skerj  +   2784d ago
OMFG someone put Project Justice on a fighting game list, that gets points for whoever. That game is still my favorite 3d fighter until Tatsunoko vs Capcom.
XxRoosterxX  +   2784d ago
Tekken 3 = Best fighting game of all time
whateva   2784d ago | Spam
kazuma  +   2784d ago
LOL dead or alive 4
Dark General  +   2784d ago
Great list
I agree with all the picks. Though the screenshot you used for SF3: 3rd strike is a screencap from ken's stage in SF3: 2nd Impact. And yes i've played every iteration and own every iteration of SF3.
Skerj  +   2784d ago
Likewise, my phone has all SF3 saga music as ringtones too. Oh and the parry sound effect for text messages.
Dark General  +   2783d ago
Freaking awesome
I love the music from SF3, Elena's stage music is the best though in my opinion "Beats in my head". Bubbles my good sir for being so awesome.
sumfood4u  +   2783d ago
Perfect Combination an my All time Favorite Fighting Game! videos proof!

Related video

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PS3ALLDAY122  +   2783d ago
tekken all the way
ngg12345  +   2783d ago
Pretty average list
Missing alot of games, tekken tag team should be mentioned. And why did DOA4 was mentioned. It was always a weak Tekken clone. But then again this is a xbox fan site, have to mention doa4. Didn't see fighting viper, powerstone, pit fighter, or super smash brothers?
MP42409  +   2783d ago
hey what about war gods for n64 the first fighting game i ever played!
WengYong  +   2783d ago
I spent alot of time playing fighting games, and I enjoy a good technical fighter. I thought Street Fighter was better than MK, disagree if you like. I never got into MK until Trilogy. When I saw Marvel Vs Capcom I didn't agree. It wasnt as good as X-Men Vs Street Fighter, but thats my opinion. IMO X-Men is way better.

Tekken 3 wasnt the best version of Tekken. DR is the best version and deserves a mention. Tekken is my favorite and what its done to fighting games is revolutionary. Disagree all you want, buts its because of Tekken that fighters are the way they are now, which isn't bad. Soul Calibur Owns, but it will always be Tekken. I didnt see anyone playing Soul Calibur in Arcades, but Tekken always had people playing. My Top 10 are:

1) Tekken DR (Arcade)
2) Street Fighter Alpha 3 (PSX)
3) X-Men Vs Street Fighter (Arcade)
4) Soul Calibur (DC)
5) Street Fighter 2 New Challengers Turbo (Arcade)
6) Sword Of The Samurai (PS2)
7) Mortal Kombat Trilogy (PSX)
8) King Of Fighters '95 (Arcade)
9) Tekken Tag (Arcade)
10) Mortal Kombat

Im sure to get some hate. Whats everyone elses 10 ??
Still_Breathing  +   2782d ago
The Tekken franchise is my favourite.
But I like Tekken Tag more than DR, but I didn't play DR in the arcades.
My favourites in no particular order, because I can't decide;
- Tekken Tag
- Mortal Kombat 3
- Street Fighter 2 Turbo
- Dark Stalkers
- Tekken DR
- Virtua Fighter 2
- Killer Instinct
- X-Men vs Street Fighter
- Soul Calibur

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