If There's a GTA IV Controversy Without Jack Thompson, Does it Make a Sound?

GamePolitics reported on a pair of tempests involving Grand Theft Auto IV this week.

First came Wednesday's report on shoot-from-the-lip comments attributed to Connecticut State Sen. Gayle Slossberg (D), who apparently used the terms Grand Theft Auto IV, rape, legislation and sociopaths [as in GTA gamers are...] in a rant that she only thought was off-the-record.


A day later, cops in Nassau County, New York busted six teenagers for a bat-swinging, crowbar-wielding rampage that one of them apparently said was inspired by Nico Bellic, protagonist of GTA IV.

The week's happenings - in particular their sizeable publicity potential - were not lost on GTA-hatin' attorney Jack Thompson, who has waded into both situations with press releases blazing.

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btkadams3793d ago

:o Kevin, hear his words. bring him back so that you and adam can own him live again.

highdro3793d ago

just look at him =O !! gta4 is over hyped any way,i wonder y this game is still haveing head lines,.gta3 was so much fun and better

P0WER 0F GREEN3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

I like this Jack fellow he's never afraid to speak out about games he most certainly knows nothing about. He reminds me of a younger less witty me.

TheDeadMetalhead3790d ago

Just when we thought the old Frankenstein was gone, idiot kids use crowbars and now ol' Frankie's on the warpath again. (by the way. That pic...NICE!!!)