Eurogamer Exclusive: Call of Duty: World at War Interview

Eurogamer talked to Call of Duty: World at War developers Treyarch in London earlier this month, finding out about their aims, the perils of WWII shooters and what they think of their grandmas. Questions by Oliver Menne and Kristian Metzger, directed by Dietrich Töllner.

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SUP3R3820d ago

Well according to this interview both PS3 and 360 will be sharing the same achievements/trophies.

Dr Pepper3820d ago

Wow Treyarch. You say that Gearbox makes crappy war games? Really? They aren't in the same league as you? Really? Actually, you may be right in that aspect. Gearbox is way above your league.

I was considering buying World at War, but after listening to that load of crap I don't think I want to support your company.

Cartesian3D3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

so you wont support EPIC games because Cliffy said sth about MGS4? or Itagaki who said BS about other games?

some guys arent gentleman(big but kid) or even enough smart (to find a RIGHT way to attract people attention except insulting others, just look at blizzard best dev in this section) ..

he made a mistake, Im sure he doesnt exactly mean that they are in a HIGHER level, may be he want to say they are different in term of artstyle,level design,gameplay.. etc ..
otherwise I agree with you that they will lose all of their respect (was there any after COD3 ? :P) cuz of their BS interview.

EDIT:bTW I didnt disagree with you

Dr Pepper3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

I have never bought a game made by Itagaki. As for Cliffy B, did he come out and say MGS was a crappy game and his dev team was in a whole other league than Kojima's?

The main problem here is that I am having trouble finding an amazingly superior game that Treyarch has made that allows them to talk so much sh*t about another team. Besides, that is no way to address the competition. He could at least act his age and maybe say "I respect what they're trying to do with the genre, but I believe we will be more successful at this...etc." Instead, he completely bashes them. If the Treyarch team wants more respect and recognition, they could try showing it to other studios (at the very least ones that have made really good games, like Gearbox and their BiA series).

Cartesian3D3820d ago

totally agreed.. hope to see his apologize.. he must correct his statement to sth better (damage control)

otherwise he must be really stupid, because He cant make a better game than BiA:HH (at least not MUCH better as he said).. and people wont pay any attention to Tryarch after this one (completely IGNORE)

permutated3820d ago

Stop being a whiny little *****

Either buy the game or don't, we don't care about your opinion. Yes Trey is outspoken, but if the games good, that's all that matters to me.

I could care less about gaming politics. It's a clusterf*ck of stupidity.

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Pizza The Hut3820d ago

...COD by Treyarch will = Mediocre (at best)....

Baka-akaB3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

I find it too funny to even get offended ...
Treyarch's track record shows : die by the sword a quite awful game , a crappy spiderman game , and everytime they touched it , the worst of the cod franchise .

It's an even better joke than Itagaki or his fans constantly comparing him with kojima . Better because , while an idiot , Itagaki does make a few good games , even if not groundbreaking ... while trey got nothing good to show so far .

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