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Gears of War 2 - New Gameplay Footage

The never before seen multiplayer gameplay footage for Gears of War 2 that was included in Unreal Tournament 3. (Gears of War 2, Xbox 360)

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Breakfast  +   2657d ago
You can watch it in a bit higher quality on youtube.

Click on **high quality**
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Chris Bosh  +   2656d ago
AH crap i dont have a 360, oh well.
Mc Fadge  +   2656d ago
You can make it a bit higher as well
By putting &fmt=18 at the end of the URL :3

So click higher quality, and type &fmt=18 at the end of the URL :3
Time_Is_On_My_Side  +   2656d ago
Or you can just click on my link.

Gears of War 2: Behind-the-Scenes: Multiplayer: http://www.gametrailers.com...
Foliage  +   2656d ago
Wingman is a great addition, however proximity mines just ruined the game for me. Proximity mines were the worst invention in video games to date. In one of the games I worked on they were eventually removed because there is just no real way to make them effective without ruining the flow of the game. I don't even have to bring up goldeneye, anyone who has played that heavily knows what I am talking about... now imagine not being able to respawn. Proximity mines and the button mashing saw fights might just ruin the game. Why screw up what worked incredibly well?

It is only a matter of time before users figure out a few spots where mines cannot be seen or shot without exploding, and you will have that one guy hiding the whole match and winning without any skill. If they are readily available look for it to become a large nuisance in which you have to essentially stop moving all together.

I was also hoping that they might have larger multiplayer battles. 5v5 is just so outdated at this point. Also what happened to the texture quality since the first footage shown from this game? I hope it ends up at least looking better than the original GeoW (Yes this video is crappy, but I'm not going off of this solely). Finishing moves do look awesome though, I'm not sold on the meat shield just yet.

The stopping when fired on sucks for a shotgun heavy guy like me. I was heavy on both the saw and shotgun and they essentially killed both of their effectiveness. Again, why ruin what worked?

P.S. Man Cliff is such a douche.
Condoleezza Rice  +   2657d ago
Looking great as expected!
Monchichi025  +   2657d ago

And a side not I'm glad Cliffy took my advice and now we can crawl away when we're injured on the floor! Guess it does help to write to the developers directly!!!
Bnet343  +   2657d ago
Hell Yeah man. The finishing moves look so brutal. You bash your opponents head with the longshot!! 0_0 and you hook their heads with the torque bow and cut it off!!! SOOO FRIKKING BURTAl man, cant wait. Gears 2 will beat COD4 for most played on Xbox Live. I know it will. Halo got old. Gears is the future of the Xbox 360.
mintaro  +   2657d ago
Looks like a hella good time
jessupj  +   2656d ago
I must admit, I'd love have a 360 for this game :) looks very nice.
BUM  +   2657d ago
More direct feed footage! I wish there was a HD version. :(
dwjohnson011211  +   2657d ago
cant wait
Deadman64  +   2657d ago
Looks good, can't wait.
poos3  +   2656d ago
HAHAHAHAH AONLY CRAP YPOUTUBE VIDS OF GEARS OF WAR 2 ARE POSTED ON N4G/NEOGAF HAHAH WHAT A JOEK OF A SITEgo to gamersyde and some plz post that vid tis a hd version gears of war 2 is look sooooooooooooooooooo good i cant explain GO TO GAMERSYDE THERE IS A HIGH REZZ VERSION ON THERE MAKES THIS YOUTBUE VID LOOK CRAP
BLUR111  +   2657d ago
using the gernades as claymore was a smart idea
running rampid  +   2657d ago
cod4 better watch it's most played on xbox live position because this game is set to destruct. damn i can't wait.
cr33ping_death  +   2657d ago
Gears will beat it, thats a given.
Transporter47  +   2656d ago
i don't think it will beat CoD4 at all, but i guess it can try lol, this game looks good, i just hope that this game doesn't become a Halo 3 seriously...
InMyOpinion  +   2656d ago
You don't want it to earn multiple awards, become the most played game on XBLive and sell over 8 million copies?
jessupj  +   2656d ago
I pretty sure Trans is talking about how unbelievably over hyped halo3 was. But I'm pretty sure microsoft is gonna go it again. I don't blame them really, this is most definiately their biggest exclusive this year.
DX F3NIX  +   2657d ago
5 more months fack i can't wait to kick some ass
DX F3NIX   2657d ago | Spam
fufotrufo  +   2657d ago
supahbad  +   2657d ago
looks pretty darn fun. i hope they put in a bunch of guns, like a whole bunch. although the graphics are good, the lighting isn't great, and animations are all right. maybe it was the bad video, or it was just a dark level, or both, but it's not bad or anything as long as the gameplay is there
power of Green  +   2657d ago
Its the video and yes some of these maps are dark.

Here is some of the dark levels as one might see on their display or HDTV.




LOL at your animation comments.
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supahbad  +   2656d ago
i didn't mean they are all iffy, just that bodies don't really register hits and a couple small little things that don't really matter, maybe i shouldn't have said anything
Finch  +   2657d ago
One more thing i would like to see added. Voice prox chat! Sure maybe if someone is close enough the enemy can hear you, but i would like to see it more when you usen someone as a meat shield. Talking trash to someone as you usen them as a meat shield would be epic!
thehitman  +   2657d ago
so i got 5 months to save up 450 for a 360.

EDIT:Ouch nvm I recalculated it cost me 600 dollars for my complete 360 experience I think ill pass.
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Doppy  +   2657d ago
360's don't cost that much if you live in the US. Not to mention if the rumors are true they'll be even cheaper.
thehitman  +   2657d ago
lol the complete experience
1. 360 Elite $450
2. Wifi $100
3. XBL $50
4.Recharble batteries $15

Total cost $650 around including tax and I havent even spent 60 dollars on my gears....
chidj2  +   2656d ago
damm thas so expensive
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jessupj  +   2656d ago
wow, and my mgs4 bundle was $749 and that was in Australia.
Shroomy  +   2657d ago
Did he say atleast 7 game modes?
Damn that's variety!
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2657d ago

There's been a lot more.
Doppy  +   2657d ago
Yeah. 7 is good, but there are games that have like 20.
Shroomy  +   2657d ago
Gears 1 had 3 or 4
So seven is bloody great for a start!
Avto  +   2657d ago
This thing looks less and less innovative the more they show
00  +   2657d ago
that makes it less fun?.
power of Green  +   2657d ago
A high scoring AAA that released a few weeks ago uses gameplay innovations two generations old as long as they improve the game it is fine.

"The more they show it seems less and less innovative"

^^ As if they are going to show the best the game will have to offer *right now* so that PS3 fans can be at ease.
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LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2657d ago
The fact that we know Epic's track record tells us it will be repetitive.

I love Unreal Tournament, but only when I'm playing against a friend.

I love Gears of War, but only online.

Either way, most people would rather play Call of Duty.
Doppy  +   2657d ago
It's not very innovative, but it's still a well welcomed improvement. Almost every game that release a sequel is just an improvement over the first it's just that some games improve a lot more than others. And in Gears case there isn't much to improve upon besides game length, graphics, multiplayer which 2/3 we know they did.
n00bzRtehgey  +   2657d ago
KICK ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This video single-handedly ends PS3's sad existence. WOW!!!

I'm actually starting to feel sorry for all the n00bs who won't get to play it and have to play UT3 instead on..PS3 LOL.

they sure as hell can't say anything about it after watching that video. LOL. OWNAGE. ENJOY CONSTIPATION 2 CHAT ROOM ORGIES! LOL
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TheSilentZero  +   2656d ago
I suppose you can keep typing "LOL" after all of your sentences, but nobody is laughing, and I don't know why anybody would want to.

I think the game looks great and I am a PS3 Owner. I look forward to going over to my friends house a playing it.

GoW3 "Ending The PS3's Sad Existence."
How could anyone go wrong with that statement...

So if that is the case let me rebuttal.
"LittleBigPlanet, Killzone 2, Resistance 2, Ending the 360 Sad Existence LOL"
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Foliage  +   2656d ago
After beating MGS4, I don't even think it is worth wasting my time on such an opinion like yours. One good 360 game won't do shat to the PS3. It didn't last gen, and it won't this gen.
iMad  +   2657d ago
Graphics in Gears 1 was the best! Graphics in Gears 2 is even better! All games on 360 based on Unreal Engine 3.5 will look the same quality in 2009. Only 1 game that have the same cinematic quality on PS3 is Killzone 2 (good ligthing, bad textures). But its bigest flaw is what it costs 4 times more money to produce and will collect 2 time less earnings than Gears 2. So there will be not so many Killzone 2 quality games on PS3. Jump in.
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LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2657d ago
FarCry 2 looks better than Gears of War 2 and nobody even CARES about FarCry 2.
thehitman  +   2657d ago
8days looked better or as good as killzone and UT3 looks exactly the same as gears2.

BTW killzone2 looks better than this by far.
Doppy  +   2657d ago
Killzone 2 looks a lot better than Gears 2. I have the comparison shots of Killzone 2 vs. the render, and Gears vs. Gears 2, and you can easily see Killzone 2 looks better than Gears 2. Gears has great graphics, and looks great in motion, but Killzone 2 is in a class of it's own. The $60 million Sony spent on Killzone didn't go to waste.
iMad  +   2657d ago
aebriscoejr: the fact you have comparsion shot does not mean what Killzone 2 is better
i said games are similar with their cons and pros. which one is better will only sales figures tell.
thehitman  +   2657d ago
figures has nothing to do with how good a game is. It has to do with how well marketed it is and hyped it is. Halo3 for example sold 8mil in like a month but sux. Cod4 sold half as much including multi versions and yet its easily better.
kewlkat007  +   2657d ago
Well thehitman what you think is a great game or not is still all subjective
You know whether a game is good or not?

If your looking at the sales of the 1st game. Yes a game maybe be hyped and marketed well but the game has to pass the reviewers test and as well as the fans.

If the first games does somehow surpass the hype and actually live up to the hype and sell lets say 3 million+, then that's a good game. You can expect the sales of the 2nd to equal or surpass the first game.

By the time Halo 3 came out, you already had the fanbase that had already made up their minds after Part 1/2. It wasn't so much Hpye that it sold, it was not a surprise. I'm sure there was some new fans that did get caught in the hype,and maybe that was you, but Halo ha d a fanbase and it was gaurenteed.

We are now gonna see the same with Gears of War 2. As far as, KZ2 well I can't say the same. It needs to prove a lot and graphics is not what's gonna give it GOTY honors alone or be praised. Too much we don't know.

HYPE and GREAT MARKETING can MAKE or BREAK the 1st game, but it's not going to CARRY THE FRANCHISE.
Grimlock  +   2656d ago
Me Grimlock want to give you a standing ovation!! That was so well said!!

*gives Bubble*
00  +   2657d ago
Can't wait to play it.
user858621  +   2657d ago
every1 goes gears 1.5 looks average so a wont waste my breath on that,

but wheres mods 4 unreal hmmmmm cudnt c the word in the video hmmmm any1 got the game dat can help me owt lmao
BLUR111  +   2657d ago
yea im sure resistance 2 will have this much gore and weapons and detailed combat ...
user858621  +   2657d ago
yh 4get 60 am sure gears will have 24 players got ma fingers crossed for that lmao hahahahaha!!!!

and dude eight player co-op on gears dats gona b awesome aswell ohhhhh wait... lmao!!!!
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BLUR111  +   2656d ago
ok lets see your 60 players online squash there victims head in the ground or pop there head with a sniper rifle. better yet inpale them in the back with a chainsaw. nahh just go shooting at little dots running across the screen kay.
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JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2656d ago
Hey Waseem335
WTF??? are you even saying? Did your cat jump up on you keyboard or somthing?
n00bzRtehgey  +   2656d ago
exactly right. Constipation 2 will be just like all other mediocre online shooters. you run around shooting pellets at orgies of dots running around screen. that's it. that totally sums it up.

Gears is a very unique experience. no other game offers anything like it on any platform. that's why it's so great. it has layers upon layers of depth.

all dumb droids like NAZI'm can say is "60!!!1!!!!!!!11" lol. dumbasses. if they only knew how dumb they were. if they made gears with 60 guys, the game would be SH1T. these idiot playstationers have NO experience with shooters. all they know is that crap UT3. they think it's all about running around as fast as u can shooting the walls and floor trying to hit everything in sight. IDIOTS. lol.

i bet they've never even played a 1 on 1 match or 2 on 2 in halo 3 or anything. sad f*cks. gears is PERFECTION. Constipation 2 is crap. nothing but a chatroom orgy.

ThatCanadianGuy  +   2656d ago
Constapation 2? "n00bz?
Oh lord...i guess n00bpwner is back,damn!
i was really hopeing you died of cancer.

also! MGO online is the most unique gameing experience you can have
you can use a mass variety of realistic weapons.sheilds,S.O.P System
S.O.P de-stabalizers,scanning syringe's,even cardboard boxes,liltte robot,snake himself.tranquilizer guns,playboy books,claymores,traps,a wide varity of close quarter comaby systems,troat cutting,knocking out,knife slashing,stabbing,choking,judo techniques.

thats just MGO..

Resistance 2 will have

60 co op
2 different single player campaigns
squad based tactical teams online,where you have objectives and specific goals for each team.(not just running around shooting dots)
thats more halo style.

anywho,im not even a fan of resistance.i dont like alien shooting games.(i guess thats why 360 doesnt appeal to me)

but even i can obviously tell Resistance 2 is by far more better.

and you forgot to mention the EXTREME lag when playing gears of war
70% of the time,the f*ckin lag is soo bad,that the host is the only one running around getting kills,everyone else is frozen or running in circles.

because gears of war maxed out 360's power.graphically anyways.

gears of war 2 is STILL using the unreal engine.my god..
i seen those new screen shots by the way,same levels,more mossy hint to them.pathetic.
#19.6 (Edited 2656d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
n00bzRtehgey  +   2656d ago
um, what does unreal engine have to do with gears mp? im confused. and u dumbass, it's not JUST unreal engine 3; it's a NEW engine called UE3.5.

don;t think that means much? well, SC: Double Agent, that amazingly beautiful game with nextgen shaders like parallax mapping and normal mapping, runs on UE2.5. and just so u know, UE2 does not support any pixel shading like that. and that's a huge difference in the engine.

when you're dumb, you're dumb. and u, sir, are plain DUMB.
why do droids cry  +   2656d ago
the epic stratigic TPS known as gears of war will completely annialte RESISTANCE IN THE BUM HOLE 2: 60 PLAYER ORGASAM WARS in sales and at being an epic shooter.
ThatCanadianGuy  +   2656d ago
after all i said,all you can say is bu-bu-but its unreal engine 3.5!!
save me your pointless arguments please.b!tch and whine all you want,i've seen the screenshots and video footage.And its just laughable compared to MGS4.let alone Resistance 2.Killzone 2 is in a league of its own,then there's the final fantasy's.little big planet,god of war 3,Uncharted 2.all of HELL of alot better graphics,lighting,physics.All without your precious 3.5 engine.

@why do droids cry

repost again please,i couldnt understand the dribble you wrote.
tehReaper  +   2656d ago
Wow, I haven't witnessed this level of an idiot since Nasim. You have never played Gears if you think 70% of the time it lags. Gears of War rarely lags, and to be 100% honest, I have more lag on COD4 than Gears. I play Gears and COD4 every chance I get, they're both addicting.

You're a Sony fanboy, and you're really showing it. You're just making yourself look pathetic by posting worthless information that you have no idea about. I mean, come on, I didn't know a game could be "far more better" than another game. That's pretty sad, my friend. I also didn't know that you could "tell" a game is better than the other without playing either game.

You'll probably reply with some comeback about PS3 exclusives. Well, you know what? There isn't one game this generation that I won't have the option to play. I happen to own all three consoles, and have somewhat of a gaming computer. So don't waste your bad grammar on me. Instead of playing video games that are over your head, maybe you should pay more attention in school. You'll thank me when you don't have to pump gas the rest of your life.
theKiller  +   2656d ago
well i cant see it something good to play with
its all dark and blood everywhere!!

i didnt like gears 1(PC cr@cked version ) so i think i wont like gears 2!!

they basically added few things from each thing from the original game! nothing really new!

but i can see the bots will love this game as hell (its their only game they can talk about this year)
thenickel  +   2656d ago
Gears was made for 360 and not pc. If you want the experience Epic intended on giving then you have to play it on 360 day one not a year later with controls that are totally off. I don't agree with the bashing going on here but Gears really is a great game that deserves praise.
theKiller  +   2656d ago
so basically u says COD4 sucks? because it also shoots dots running around (like resistance)!

theKiller  +   2656d ago
look i almost finished the game, i played until i detonated the bomb in the enemies cave and i thought i finish then they said still not finished, after that i removed it from my PC!!

whats so good about it? maybe graphic at that time but other wise its just a good TPS game not like how the bots talk about!

the things i didnt like is

1: its all very dark and gray
2: very few enemy types
3: did i even have boss battles?? ow yes 1 or 2!
4: it sucked when u press "A" to take cover and when u r low running u cant turn left and right easily
5: the story sucked big time, i hardly know anything about the story, all i know is marcus was prisoned for something i dont know, and the locus/bad guys have taken over a planet which i dont even know!
6: i didnt like how marcus talked(too much caw boy talking style), when ever he open his mouth very few words he spit out like he is a super hero or something, so his attitude was so fake!!
7: the modeling and texture on all characters(and mostly not the main ones) r like plastic colored skin and square faces
8: basically it all about running around and kick some ass and that it! my emotions was never moved in this game except the depressing emotions!! and it was a little scary when i found the female locus the first time!

it had so many problems, and i will say it its not a bad game but when i was playing it i was depressed and i was playing it only to know the that all bots keep talking about and i was shocked on how easily they like their exclusives even if it was an average game!
#19.14 (Edited 2656d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
thenickel  +   2656d ago
Well I'm sorry to hear that your experience wasn't as good as my experience and respect your opinion. You can't please them all and hopefully Gears 2 will have improvements that draw you in this time
FKN Unbelievable  +   2657d ago
Not a lot of Comments i See.....
Not that MGS4 came and went.This game online will keep it fresh for a few years. The New kill moves are sure to keep the replay value high.

Not to mention the Offline experience will be good.

But Damn a Flame Thrower? OWNAGE!!!!!!!!!
kewlkat007  +   2657d ago
MAN.. and they said this game could not Improve.....

What else do people want in this game?

First of, I was never expecting a Brand New game like some seem to think Sequels are all about starting back at "Square 1." No !! this game will not Whoa you like the first time around.

All I wanted, was to fix the

Improved Story/Longer Campaign,
More Weapons/Maps
Some Suprises here and there

Well it's looking good for now...
#21 (Edited 2657d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
boodybandit  +   2657d ago
Couldn't agree more with
wanting fixed and added:

Improved Story/Longer Campaign,
More Weapons/Maps

Cheating and glitching took the life out of the first Gears for me. Epic patched it a few times and they did end up getting rid of quite a few glitches but people found a way around the more annoying ones like weapon sliding.

This new version looks sweet. The only downer is having to wait 5 more months! The original Gears is what made me purchase the 360.
boodybandit  +   2657d ago
Ok I actually just watched the video
This game looks sick!

They really put a lot into this version.
New weapons (flame thrower wow) and sticking grenades to objects like land / proximity mines.
The new execution moves are incredible.
New game play modes are well thought out.
MeatCTF and Guardian that looks fantastic.

I can't wait to turn my friends into a meat sack online. Down them, pick them up, use them as a shield while I kill a few guys, then break their freaking neck. That is going to be a riot.

Wild, wild, wild!

I have two questions about the grenades. Will you still be able to grenade tag now that the enemy instantly sets them off and can you blow them up by shooting at them when you spot them on objects?

I know the 2nd is possibly a dumb question but I could see a sniper creating a nice little safe haven if you can't destroy the grenades.
#22 (Edited 2657d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
godcrusher  +   2657d ago
I think I will have to renew my Live account when this comes out. Between this and Killzone 2 and hopefully Marvel ultimate alliance 2 it will be a sweet winter.
vickers500  +   2657d ago
Meatsheilds, neck snapping, and tons of execution moves. This puts MGO's cqc to shame.
Shankle  +   2656d ago
But will it be as fun as MGO?
360 man  +   2656d ago
i want money in large amounts

my garage full of cars dey bounce
slugger59874  +   2656d ago
Better Quality in this video
Here it is

Related video
Chapulin  +   2656d ago
TY Bubbles :)
Can't wait till it comes out!!!!
P0WER 0F GREEN  +   2656d ago
Ps3 fans weren't born with the hawkeyes that I have therefor they can't see all the prodigious nuances that I see or the extrasensory perception to know everything about games they've never played like I do. All your conversing is futile in the face of my greatness.
#27 (Edited 2656d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
running rampid  +   2656d ago
seriously get a life dude (up top)
we all know you're not POG because he posted a comment in this thread already! you're probably just a lifeless fanboy. (not specifing sony as he could be a nintendo fanboy :P)
Lets-Game  +   2656d ago
the game is more than half year away and the hyping machine already running full steam. Getting really f*cking annoying.
kewlkat007  +   2656d ago
Haha as always you can choose to ignore Gears 2 articles
Wait till you start seeing the mountain Dews...your really gonna get annoyed.
ASSASSYN 36o  +   2656d ago
This is a midnight launch waiting to happen.
Xbox is the BEST  +   2656d ago
is soooo far away
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