Gaming Guru review: Battlefield Bad Company

Gaming Guru writes that all is not good with Bad Company. He believes you still must pay to obtain all the weapons in the game. The Gaming Guru sites the fourth requirement from the promotion of Battlefield: Bad Company as placing two additional costs on the gamer. He believes you must not only have purchased a previous Battlefield game, but that you must also have played it online to unlock all the guns of the new game.

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P0WER 0F GREEN3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

It must be a ps3 fanatic trying to review this game. They lack the awareness of FPS 101 knowledge which is founded from the very first fps known as Halo the pinnacle of all gaming. Where all they see is generic fps' I see true genius.

Dark SeRaNADE3823d ago

Hear Hear! i agree to that man.....Ohhhh im jonesing for another Gears of war 2 Video! :O

Offtopic, i know but eh!