Japanese researchers develop a 42GB super DVD

A research team from the Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials of prestigious Tohoku University in Northern Japan announced [JP, PDF] it has found a way to multiply the amount of data that can be stored on a DVD or CD by a factor of 9.

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NO_PUDding3793d ago

But possible with current DVD/CD players?: no
Possible with Blu-Ray players?: no

It's like virtually making a new format.

pharmd3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

i do agree with what you are saying.... it is like investing money in outdated material

however, im just simply impressed with what they have done with this (albeit too late) but to see that the limitations we once percieved have been pushed much further is motivating, especially to see what we can do with what we have now!

znu3793d ago

so it's pretty much redundant

well atleast, if developing these DVD is at the same price as current ones (regular DVDS), then dvd's would be of the same price unlike blu ray which is more expensive (about $5-$10) but it might just die because nobody wants to invest in an outdated movie player

Then again, if these DVDs cost the same amount as blu ray to develop, then its pretty much useless

The Phantom Agree3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

As useless as

A new revolution in gaming... Dreamcast Reborn
Utilizing the same technology as last time, we plan to take out the competition head on using new CD technology

Interview with staff
Researcher: Well we took an existing technology, a cd, and made it better, it can now hold as much as 2 gb of data, unfortunatly development costs are high, but our new technology is perfect for Dreamcast Reborn

CEO: We plan to take on our competitors, first of all, we're going to take out the wii, by marketing with a kitten as a logo, then we will take out the xbox 360 by hitting it with some heavy shooters such as Failo 2d. We plan to take out the ps3 by marketing out new product as a Super Ultra Mega VCD player and give rpg's like Final Failure. With ideas like these, we can't fail.
///////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////// ///
Don't know why I did that????
whatever, bubbles and agrees for everyone who posted above

wow i can't give any of you bubbles, already given you guys recently, lol, oh well, i can still agree with you guys

ianp6223793d ago

Even if the media costs the same, the equipment to make and read these DVD's would be much more expensive.

NegativeCreep4273793d ago

This is basically a Blu-Ray disc with slightly less storage and it doesn't have the Blu-Ray name on it. For the expansion on CD, I see some merit in its conception, but for DVD its basically a slightly less inferior version of Blu-Ray. Is Microsoft behind this or what?

permutated3793d ago

Stop talking sh!t about the Dreamcast and maybe so many people wouldn't take bubbles away from you.

The Phantom Agree3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Okay, didn't mean to offend anyone, didn't really know why I did it myself

Have a bubble :)


"impressive for a dvd"-1st post


4 x 50.0=?????

dvd is on its way out as far as movies, but it is still used in pc as storage. im guessing this will be some sort of new sata3 drive, which is not bad if you look at the storage capabilities.

boodybandit3793d ago

**1.2 - @ no pudding
i do agree with what you are saying.... it is like investing money in outdated material**

It works for Nintendo ;)

godofthunder103793d ago

i think that it's out dated before it's even is dropping in price to start with.the new cds will probaly be higher then br when it's released ,if ever it is released.

the new cd still hold less then br and it's still not in hd.the truth is that the new cds will probaly never see daylight because who would buy them.first they can't be played in regular dvd or cd one would buy the new dvd players just to play the new dvds when they could probaly buy a br player and br movies cheaper when it's released.

i'm not a big br fan and i don't even care about it but any one could see that br has a big advantage over the new dvds in every way.people would be crazy to invest in a new dvd player just to play the new dvds when they could buy a new br player.

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Bladestar3793d ago

It was never a secret that more research can be done with the existing DVDs to increase it's capacity instead of making an entire new format... but it's a lot easier for certain companies to create a new format and force everyone to spend money buying new hardware and pay more money fo the actual movies...

heyheyhey3793d ago

so what are you saying?

Sony shouldn't of included a Blu-Ray drive because they were supposed to know that some Japanese dudes would come up with a new DVD?

are you also aware that Blu-Ray is the reason there isn't any piracy with PS3 games? and it's the reason there won't be for many years to come?

are you aware that BD's are harder to scratch? i don't know about you, but i used to accidentally scratch PS1/PS2/CD ALL the time cos im a clumsy git, BD's.... no prob

BD is the next-gen of technology, don't like it? don't buy a PS3 or BD-player, no-one is forcing you to- stop complaining so much

damn whiners..

kazuma3793d ago

the no-scratches stuff on blu-rays is probably the BEST thing about them

Gorgon3793d ago

"but it's a lot easier for certain companies to create a new format and force everyone to spend money buying new hardware and pay more money fo the actual movies..."

Too bad you didn't read the part about these discs not beying compatible with current CD/DVD players, which means you would HAVE TO BUY NEW HARDWARE. Next time read the whole thing before making dumb comments out of fanboyism.

OgTheClever3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Sorry to be a party pooper but blu ray discs in their original state are a lot easier to scratch than CD's and DVD's.

The reason that blu rays bought by consumers are so resilient is that there is an advanced hard polymer coating on the surface; I don't know if this is also applicable to other formats.

To anyone that disagrees can they please present evidence that states otherwise.

The Lazy One3793d ago

Ur right. the people that disagreed with you are just idiots.

Lumbo3793d ago

The hardcoating is MANDATORY for BluRay, hence the value of your statement is in essence : zero, therefor people can disagree with you. BluRay disks in their ORIGINAL state come with the hardcoating. DVD's on the other hand come in their original state WITHOUT hardcoating.

Its the same pointless failed attempt at argumentation like telling people cars are subject to rusting without the finish, hence cars are bad. But the finish is PART of the system. Hence arguing that anything would be worse without it is pointless, as it is there.

OgTheClever3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

I'm actually a Blu Ray supporter.

I wasn't trying to say that the coating was bad thing, I was really ultimately questioning whether it is applicable to DVD's and other formats.

Maybe I should have added a bit more emphasis to my belief that Blu Ray is still the future in my original comment.

Kyur4ThePain3793d ago

This would require new hardware too, you idiot. It can't be used with existing DVD hardware.
You need to stop shooting your mouth off like that.

But I know...anything that even SEEMS remotely possible to be used against Sony in your little 2 celled brain sets off a chain of twitches that you just can't control. Kinda like a primitive form of life. Fitting, really.

Rageanitus3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Please leave this site. Or put these sortuv childish comments in the open zone ======>

BTW no one is forcing anyone to buy the new tech... if that were teh case all the companies will be working together to get rid of DVD BLUNTLY

Plus hehe did you know digital distribution is a format in itself... I guess ms is forcing us to use it eh.

Rageanitus3793d ago

@OgTheClever LOL

The hard coating is mandatory on blu-ray discs, I never knew they shipped a final disc without a coating.

Its like saying a police cruiser is as a weak as a normal car.... But guess what they modify the cruiser to meet the standards.

The standard of a dvd is not the same as a blu-ray disc hence your point is pointless.

OgTheClever3793d ago

My comment wasn't perfectly written, I am only human by the way. :(

It was only quickly written and maybe it does make the coating sound like a bad thing.

I probably should have just explained why Blu Ray is so resilient and be done with that. I also never thought to mention that it's standard and I now realise that it's pretty much impossible to change the standards of current DVD's

The main point I was making was to question whether it is possible to use the polymers with other formats (that's why I said "original state" in my first sentence)

juuken3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Are you serious?
And OG...are YOU serious?!

Statix3793d ago

OG raises a question that's fair. Wouldn't it be possible to apply the same hardcoat polymer to DVDs? Maybe it wouldn't be standard for all shipped DVDs, but some movie studios could get the ball rolling; like Warner Bros or Sony or Paramount could make it mandatory/standard that ALL their movie DVDs from this point forward come with this hard polymer protectant? Likewise, Microsoft could make it compulsory for all future XB360 game DVDs to use this hardcoat as well.

Not that I really care, because I have a PS3.

Testo3793d ago

Since DVD and blu-ray use different laser spectrums to read the data off of the disks. Perhaps standard DVD players can't get past the hard polymer to read the data.

I don't know really, just thinking out loud

The Lazy One3793d ago

Blu-Ray wasn't designed with the polymer taken into account. It was put in after the format was "finished" because they were easier to scratch than DVDs (or that the scratches affected them more, not sure).

DARKKNIGHT3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Pladestar-(It was never a secret that more research can be done with the existing (windowsxp,xbox,zune,vista)VDs to increase it's capacity instead of making an entire new format... but it's a lot easier for certain companies to create a new (360elite,zune, vista, windows 7, hddvd) format and force everyone to spend money buying new hardware and pay more money fo the actual (everything ms/xbox HW/live related is a ripoff) movies)-Pladestar


crank3792d ago

bladestar, please fall down a large flight of stairs and silence yourself.

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Condoleezza Rice3793d ago

And this ^ ,is exactly why Blu Ray will be the last great Disc Format.

clintos593793d ago

Also would like to add, even though there is more space to this, it doesnt matter because bluray surpasses this not only in space if needed with a whopping 100 to 200gb bluray disc's but also has better hd quality picture, better surround sound quality, and can hold much more on one disc. I aint no expert and all but I can see just from dvd making this, shows the fear they have in bluray taking over as the new standard format.

Rageanitus3793d ago

Hence its another format..... its just another evolution of the optical disc formats.

meepmoopmeep3793d ago

i wouldn't jump ahead and say it's the last great optical disc unless the future goes to a new medium that's not disc based.

BlueRevolvuR3793d ago

too late I think for a new dvd. I've already been purchasing new releases on bd since May 2007. Plus I like blu-ray's casing better.

Obama3793d ago

What's the use if it is not compatible with current dvd players?
Bladestar got owned.

TheExodus3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

No, actually Bladestar is being rational while you reek of something more suited to the next tab.

The last refresh to the DVD format was the addition of DVD+R/DVD+RW. There isn't a single 1st generation DVD player that can read this format and hardware iterations as recent as the PS2 have trouble with it depending on the brand of disc and how it was recorded.

Fact is the original single layer DVD that was introduced in 1993 has already undergone two extreme evolutionary changes (DVD DL and DVD+R/DVD+RW) yet survives to this day as the dominant media format for video distribution.

Consumers aren't exactly beating a path to Sony's door for Blu-ray now that HD DVD is out of the way, so why are you so quick to discount DVD undergoing a third extreme evolutionary change (Super DVD) to remain the dominant media format for video distribution?

MikeGdaGod3793d ago

bladestar's whole point was to say the bluray isn't really needed and it's bad because you're "forced" to buy new hardware for it. yet he failed to realize that this new dvd would still require you to buy new hardware to be able to use it......same as bluray.

he tried to knock bluray, and in turn, knocked himself. please don't try to defend him. you only make yourself look bad.

jke823793d ago

the fact remains that it would still be required for you to get new hardware making the whole move to "super dvd" pointless. dvd is not going to remain as the dominant format because its a new format requiring you to get new hardware where as the old mutations that dvd took on didn't....

TheExodus3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Good Will Hunting was released on DVD in '98 and it was the 1st DVD that my 1st generation player couldn't read, but 1 disc out of hundreds didn't force an upgrade so my 1st generation player wasn't replaced until Christmas of '99.

My 2nd DVD player upgrade came in '02. The original releases of Bedazzled & Planet of the Apes were both Nuon enhanced DVDs. Nuon enchanced DVDs didn't force an upgrade, but I just had to play Tempest 3000.

It's not only hardware that has needed to be upgraded over DVD's decade long run. Last month I repurchased Stargate because my 1st generation disc is double-sided single-layer which means I had to flip the disc half way through, a pain in the a** that DVD's dual-layer evolution resolved. I also repurchased Waterworld because the DVD-ROM in my Mac couldn't read the 1st generation disc for some reason.

Super DVD would require a player upgrade just like previous iterations of DVD, but most of those could again be made via attrition. Blu-ray also requires a player upgrade. IMO the viability of Super DVD would come down to cost & consumer reluctance to let go of DVD. If support for Super DVD can be added to DVD players without increasing the cost of players or discs Blu-ray could quickly be history.

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