Blizzard announces major World of Warcraft class changes at WWI

Representatives from Blizzard offered up a heaping helping of Wrath of the Lich King information, with some great info for just about every class. You're going to want to head to WoW Insider for the full monty, but here are a few highlights:

* Fury Warriors will be dual-weilding 2H weapons.
* Rogues will get a new AoE.
* Priests will get a new crowd control spell.
* Shaman totems will now affect an entire raid.
* Hunters (as if they weren't cool enough) are going to see pets having talent trees of their own. A complete revamp of the pet system.

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The Lazy One3821d ago

That pretty much sums up everything wrong with WoW. Everybody needs to be good at everything, except the classes that are supposed to be good at it in the first place. Mages ftmfl

Lumbo3821d ago

He forgot the part where Warlocks now get an Illidan form where they cause even MORE damage and several other imba parts that further fuxx the class balance.

UrbanJabroni3821d ago I missing something, I don't see anything related to priest cc...

geda3821d ago

that news about warriors makes me want to go back to WoW... but my wallet disagrees. lol

Andronicus3821d ago

this is just part of the whole buff and nerf cycle thats plagued wow from the beginning.

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