Motorstorm - Massive Preview by Kikizo

The guys from Kikizo give us their feelings about the first off-road racing game for the PS3. They seem to have gotten their hands on an almost-final build.

4 pages, from physics to tilt control, a very interesting (p)review. Now the main sentence of this article surely is "If there's one game that really shows off the POTENTIAL of the PS3 beyond 360 right NOW, this is it."

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DreDawgg064401d ago (Edited 4401d ago )

The article seemed to be written by a Fan Boy. There is no way that the game looks better than the Target Video, For them to state it does is pure hype. And a $3,000 TV talking. The average PS3 owner will not see this game the way it was made to.

The first Killer App for the PS3? An arcade type racing game...Sad... Most people would prefer something with more substance and depth.

THE TRUTH4401d ago

360 fanboys take the words from these reviews as gold when its about games like GOW!

Funny how when PS3 games get good news, its always down played!

Pathetic really!

Why do you care so much if these reviewers liked the game? Does is it make you mad that the game is good? What difference does it make to you if someone else likes it?

Enjoy your console or if your smart consoles and keep you fanboy opinions based off NO first hand experience to yourself!

rjkc4401d ago

when something good gets written about the ps3 i really dunno why it doesnt seem normal to me thats how standards get raised

EnforcerOfTheTruth4401d ago (Edited 4401d ago )

They are just fanboys in denial. Kikizo was very harsh with the PS3 in the past and this preview wrote Adam Doree, the director of this site. Too bad PS3 didn't launch with this game, it would be a whole different story then and the launch would get a lot higher scores. But better perfect it than release an unfinished produst and we are just a few months away from a great AAA title.

A little of topic, but check out the comments here:
I once again teached Top Gamer, but the funny part is that he said he will never post on this site if I provide some info on the things I said, which I of course provided haha Top Freakio be a man of your word and stand to it haha but I know what a little liar and a fake person you are, so you will just continue posting on your other accounts haha

Marty83704401d ago

And the European & US versions of motorstorm have online play.This will be awesome.

Solidus4401d ago

Looks absolutely insane I was expecting it to be good but not this good awesome news!

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The story is too old to be commented.