Nintendogs Wii in Nintendo developers' minds since 2006

Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development's general manager, Takahashi Tezuka, was interviewed back at E3 2006 about a Nintendogs Wii sequel to the Nintendogs virtual puppy-raising simulator on the Nintendo DS, to which he said "'s definitely something that's in our minds."

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avacadosnorkel3818d ago

so when the dog pisses on the rug you can use the Wiimote to beat him and shove his nose in it?

Gip3817d ago

That looks fun but it might get boring like the one for DS

NintendoKid173817d ago

Sounds like something different for the Wii, it will most likely sell a ton with the popular audience for the franchise. I would buy for my little bros, they like the game, maybe even try it myself but for me it did get boring on the DS after playing for a while

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