GameSpot: Diablo III First Look

The Barbarian sees, and the Barbarian smashes. The Witch Doctor sees, and usually let's something else do his dirty work. The two character classes shown off during today's announcement of Diablo III (unveiled during the opening ceremonies for the 2008 Blizzard Invitational in Paris) are a mixture of old and new, and representative of the formula the Blizzard development team seems to be aiming for with the latest installment in its blockbuster action game series.

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Skaterboy Tell Em3820d ago

How many diablo 3 storys do we need,this is like the 20th one today.

3820d ago
AllroundGamer3820d ago

agree enough is enough, even for me as a Diablo fan are the nonstop Diablo3 news becoming annoying...

Baka-akaB3820d ago

Well it's a blizzard game and it's diablo . It's a major announcement for a major game from a major editor .
If less deserving titles like GTA4 had their field day all year long and especially at their releases , it's obvious that blizzard stuff like Starcraft 2 and diablo 3 would get theirs .

RelloC_ReBorn3820d ago

the more the merrier. i cant read enough about this sh!t. it has been 8 years coming, leave it be.

keep every single scrap of info comin people. i crave more.

Close_Second3820d ago

... but whats your thoughts on the visuals? They don't blow me away as much as I was hoping for.

Lionsguard3820d ago

ok first of all games aren't all about visuals and secondly, this game is probably a millennium away from being released.

crck3820d ago

But watching the demo how is this any different or better then the X-men/Marvel Alliance games from Raven Soft?

ben8063820d ago

totally agree, this is big! this isnt another sequel everyone saw coming a mile away its taken everyone by surprise- hence global excitement! dont worry im sure the forum will be back to sony and Microsoft bashing in no time...

Baka-akaB3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

@close second

It blew me away personally . It proved that 3d isometric isnt dead , and not every damn game needs to be first person and "fps immersive" .

Something the guys over hellgate forgot , and something Bethesda try to forget with their fallout 3 .

It's dynamic , fast paced , with a lot of details . It isnt the most beautiful game of the world , like like diablo 1 and 2 never were , but it's oozing many layers of details and attention to it ... tons more than most .

Diablo 3 , Starcraft 2 , and in completely different genres and origines , Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm , Zelda wind waker and Okami are the first and single current and futures games that makes me feel that finally we no longer need 2 graphics after ... that we can finally manage the same level of details in 3d ... whatever the choice of 3d representation . That such a game manage to look "so 2d" without blocky pixellised , blurry , badly animated 3d , is art already .

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