Homebrewing For All


"What does the growth of user-created content mean for gaming?

Sony's great new mod-friendly game LittleBigPlanet is the most notable of a new breed of videogame about to sweep through the market. And we don't just mean games populated with girly looking sack creatures.

It has no discernible story, no bosses and, bucking the current trend, no cutscenes. In it, you will race through levels built from scratch by you. Or by your mates. Or by people you never met from the other side of the globe. It's your call. Quite exciting, no?"

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Rom8283822d ago


Thanks for the article. I am looking forward to this game. The creative aspect is going to be truly amazing!

It is scheduled to realese about the same time as Fallout 3. Yikes! I better start saving my coin. :lol:

Vino3822d ago

It's shaping up to be an great game.