X-Play Alone In The Dark Review

Work your way through a haunted Central Park in Atari's cross-platform survival horror title, Alone In The Dark.

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Silogon3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

for a game that looked so incredible this is truly a let down on an epic scale and now that I know what to expect I won't be getting the ps3 version which will have had more dev time on its side.

The even worse part, Atari and Phil Harrison said the Ps3 version wasn't where they wanted it in terms of quality. That is their exact words. So, that leads me to believe that if the xbox 360 version did meet their standards of quality and it turned out like this, then the Ps3 version is really going to be a huge bowel movement.

kosha3821d ago

This was looking good aswell. I might wait for a few more reviews but it looks like another dissapointment.

TOM3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

I'm just glad I don't always blindly follow reviews.this game is innovative and quite fun.I don't see the cotrol issues.they work great and I have no problem.I wonder if the people who said the controls were bad are just atari haters and are trying to bring the game down.I give at least an 8 of 10.Great cinematic ingame sequences very good graphics, innovative controls that are intuitive and easy to use,and perfectly fine voice acting.I find any site thta rates this game low not worth my time ever again because they cant be trusted.For me ,this game is great. Its upsetting that the reviews will keep the lemmings from trying this game for themselves.
I should add that I'm playing mostly in first person view and that may account for the difference in opinion
I just dont get why there is a control problem.
left,right ,up,down on left analog is left, right, up ,down on screen.on the right stick moving it left swings weaopn left ,swing right it goes right,and so on ....why is that so hard for these fools?

meepmoopmeep3820d ago

i've played a few games that scored like this and really liked the games and i've played gaems that score really high and hated them.

it's not the scores that bother me, rather, the content in the reviews. the poor game mechanics and the tedious ending levels are what i'm concerned with.

juuken3820d ago

That's a shame. This game looked like it had potential.

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The story is too old to be commented.