1UP: Diablo III: What You Really Need to Know

As you've probably heard by now, Diablo III was announced overnight. If you're looking to quickly catch up on the main details that have been announced, though, here's a quick rundown of what we know so far...

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poopface13822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

which show that the game is actually coming along already, as opposed to the other articles which were all rumors about diablo 3 announcement.

If you dont like diablo dont read it.

thereapersson3822d ago

I love walking into threads and seeing a massacre at the top of them. All those idiots who couldn't censor themselves for the gamerzone... :)

poopface13822d ago

I was reading that earlier. After seeing the gameplay videos for the barbarian and whichdoctor, this game is looking cool. It looks like it may actually work on my comp.

MK_Red3822d ago

All I needed to know is that the game is isometric (Also, not a MMO). With the confirmed, it's a MUST must buy.

Bolts3822d ago

Are you sure? Everyone love Diablo but this type of gameplay doesn't exist in a vacum anymore. Since Diablo 2 two we have two very good clones in Titan Quest and Scared. Then there's the issue of Diablo 3's new look. It looks a bit WoW-ish to me and that is very unDiablo like. Diablo is a very dark game, it should be creepy and oppressive, this game doesn't look creepy enough for me.

thereapersson3822d ago

Diablo has always been a very dark series, mainly due to the subject matter in the games' respective storylines. I don't want a cartoony-looking WoW-like graphics engine; I want them to expand upon the mature look of the previous games and bring it into next-gen.

Here's a post elaborating on my thoughts: