Video: First Skate It Wii gameplay trailer

Electronic Arts has today released a new trailer for Skate It on the Nintendo Wii, which shows off the first in-game footage we have seen. It isn't long, but we do see a number of tricks being performed (not by the Balance Board though, 'member?) in the deserted city of San Vanelona.

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PS360WII3826d ago

Looks pretty smooth should be pretty fun. I'll be looking forward to using the balance board with it too ^^

the mollusk3825d ago

I heard that using the balance board is really clumsy and doesn't work very well, though. Me? I'll just be using the wii mote, or even better just a damn gamecube controller, if it supports it.

xhairs93825d ago

I could see this paving the way for new sports games if it includes the balance board. If the balance board sucks, back to the real board --- the drawing one.

Looks like a ton of fun since I used to skate, I might have to get this for my mom's wii and steal her console ;)