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poos33821d ago

IM A 360 GAMERS (ex wow player hahahlvl 70 hunter cleared illadan with METHOD ) i can say ive never played diablo in my life but after seeing this footage this is 1 of the best game ive seen this year the depths in gameplay the depth in gmeplay varity is amamzing the art dicrtion is amamzing the mobs are amamzing the creativty of the games is amamzing the sction is amamzing i just love everything ive sen of this game good this loks similar to too human ( i must say i prefer this bu ttoo human has better graphics by far) bu thtis gameis a day 1 purchase fo rme i wish it was on the 360 but ive noticed next gen console dont have this type of depth in gameplay ( only 360 games come close) but belive you me this game is looking amamzing my goodenes the necromacers that conjured that big pachwerk mob ( similar to the mobs in naxx ramamsss^ wow) was just igniuos and very interesting man i wil lbuy this game it may become my most fav game of all time reminds me of legacy of kain made buy silicon knight s awhile ago diablo 3 is now amamzing to me.

LTC3821d ago

Crap framerate typical of the PC.

Lionsguard3821d ago

I'm glad it's still a top down dungeon crawler and Blizz didn't cave in and make it a FPS. THANKYOU BLIZZ!! This game is going to F'in rock.

ben8063821d ago

yeaaaahhhh looks old school and great at the same time. this was the first game i ever played online and wont let me down!

callahan093821d ago

My thoughts exactly. Looks exactly like Diablo 2, but with new classes and some crazy awesome graphics. It makes me so happy that they kept that same isometric view and graphical style, but brought it in to today's standards. If they had changed its style I wouldn't have been happy at all! Looks good.

donator3821d ago

Oh man, it looks really good. Blizzard does not disappoint yet again. I was afraid they would go the cartoony route a la World of Warcraft, but I too am glad they retained the gritty realistic look. I hope they have really cool armor too. The fights look almost as epic as something you'd see in a Lord of The Rings movie. It's just too bad that I'm much older than I was when I played Diablo 1 and 2. Shame I won't have as much time to play it.

Baba19063821d ago

well world of warcraft wascartoony becouse warcraft was cartoony. diablo onthe otherhand was never cartoony.

spec_ops_comm3821d ago

"Stay awhile and listen"

Nice. As long as this game isn't subscription-based, it's a definite buy for me.

lilgringo3821d ago

The online is on and that's a free service, so there won't be any monthly subscriptions

Chris Bosh3821d ago

Is it not coming to Platforms???

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Dino3821d ago

it's diablo baby!!!! I was just looking up info on Diablo three a couple of weeks ago and lo and behold..... Greatness!

predator3821d ago

never played a Diablo before...anyone care to explain what it is and what the main features are?

SL1M DADDY3821d ago

The best thing you could do is buy Diablo II and be a happy camper. Diablo is just one of those addictive games that will suck you in and never let you go.

You will thank me later for this advice if you do indeed buy it and play it through, I am confident of that.

Yipee Bog3821d ago

think of every RPG that pulled you in, and made you fail classes in college, they basically came from this game. well maybe not but for me yes.

crck3821d ago

Looks like the Marvel games from Raven Soft. Anyone explain how its different or better then those games? I like the Marvel games a lot but I don't see the type of reaction for those games that I am seeing for this game so I'm just wondering.