Diablo III to have new, in-house engine says Pearce

Blizzard vice president Frank Pearce has revealed in an on-going press conference that the game will use a brand new engine designed specifically for the game.

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bakasora3821d ago

The whole 1st page of N4G is filled with Diablo III news.
So much hype.

nirun3821d ago

let the hype build!!! this game will be hyped regardless of what is posted on N4G, you know that all the hardcore fans are either playing WoW or STILL playing diablo2. I see this as an opportunity to swing narrow minded (and sadly a lot less technically proficient) console gamers to the PC scene. N4G is full of console fanboys. I for one love my ps3 but but i have always been a PC gamer at heart. I started with CS and then to d2 then to war3 and now i'm finally enjoying the major console releases. The PC platform is FAR from dead... and don't be sad console fanboy! this means more competition and higher quality games for all :D

Fanboy Slaughter3821d ago

Jeez, Mike Bowden...trying a lil too hard to get noticed, are we?

Stop polluting N4G front page with Diablo 3 stuff, yes we's coming soon, just don't get your nuts in a twist about it.

Diselage3821d ago

Or if they're legit stories he needs to keep posting the news. If you don't like PC gaming don't click the links. This is amazing news and it's a shame the heat isn't higher.