Minecraft clone, “Battle Miner”, launched on 3DS

By now we are quite used to this. A game breaks records and achieves eternal fame, resulting other developers to re-create it for a console it’s not available on to make a quick buck. This time it’s a Minecraft clone, titled Battle Miner, which was released earlier this week exclusively to Nintendo 3DS.

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NerdStar71459d ago

I hope it sells well, serves Mojang right for not porting it to 3DS.

Th3o1458d ago

Serves Mojang right what? lol...They aren't losing anything...and if Mojang did eventually port it to 3Ds it would sell anyways.

Trust me Mojang lost nothing. Don't forget the amount of effort it would be to port Minecraft on the original 3Ds.

marloc_x1458d ago

The amount of effort seems minuscule compared to the install base of the 3DS..

Th3o1458d ago


If the effort doesn't meet install bases' standard it would harm mojang more to release a crappy port than to not release it at all.

The 3Ds' hardware is very specific, and requires a lot of attention to utilize it's potential properly.

There's a reason why most multiplatforms look terrible and while first parties looks gorgeous most of the time.

Remember that Minecraft is a game written in Java code, which is very processor intense, the 3Ds' CPU is very lagged even compared to old Smartphones.

Think of it this way, even the Ipad 2 has a stronger GPU/CPU.

Even the PS Vita's Quad core GPU/CPU has a hard time handling the game when it starts loading multiple layers and loading in parts of the world.

blib1458d ago

No such thing as Mojang. It's called Microsoft now.

Paprika1458d ago

Minecraft was a copy of an earlier game anyway.... so this is not a clone, only jumping on the hype train of minecraft. Should do well for 3ds :)

Ocsta1458d ago

Meh. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

1458d ago
MookaTek1458d ago

Oddly enough, I've never play Minecraft, but I have played several of its clones.

I like the idea, but I'm sure that with all of the technology that exists these days a world-builder with much more elaborate sculpting options could exist. Project Spark is a good start, but its world sizes are still severely limited even with the Massive World Builder add-on. But my few worlds I've built with that game are more appealing to me than what could be done with Minecraft or its clones; they are much more organic, for lack of a better description.

I'm not really criticizing Minecraft; as and artist, I love the idea of these types of games. I just think the popularity of Minecraft and similar voxel-based games is hindering their advancement into something even better.

In some cases, the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" method isn't always for the better.