Why Prototype got delayed "Prototype got delayed until 2009 a month or two back and here's why.

Prototype got delayed to 2009 because the developers wanted more time to make the game they really want to make. Basically they want to make the game a better game. There's also a chance they could put multiplayer mode back in that was taken out during development a few months ago."

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ry-guy3824d ago

If you put multiplayer back in and make a rocking game I'll let this delay slide.

You are on the clock!

I want this game.

Silogon3824d ago

Not every game needs online. Seriously, lay out a solid online for this game. Give me your take on what an online experience would be for this game. I'm on pins and needles waiting to hear your awesome plan that doesn't include the same online matches we've always had.

hazeblaze3824d ago

Honestly, the game looks cool but I'm not as caught up in the hype as others seem to be. It looks fun... but it also looks like it's going to get repetitive pretty quickly. I didn't even know it got delayed! Infamous is the one that I'm really looking forward to.

Doppy3824d ago

I think that's only part of the reason why it got delayed. The main reason I think it got delayed is because there are a lot of sandbox games out this year. GTA 4, Saint's Row 2, The Hulk, Ironman, and more. Pushing back to 2009 was a good way to keep them from getting lost in the Holiday line up.

mr_potato3823d ago

Siligon when did multiplayer become online, i maybe from old gen but multiplayer for me = play time with real human people next to me and that would rock.

yanikins1113823d ago

yes I do. I still play it. Its quite f***ing awesome in multiplayer. Played it yet? Or are we saying "remember haze" when all we did is read the reviews?

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Rhezin3824d ago

like Bioshock did, and make a fantastic game.

P0WER of GREEN3824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

we all know what that means.

Dave20013824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

Sounds like someone is a bit paranoid.:p

and now you have edit your comment and posted what you said before in the gamer zone.

Why did you do that?

Jack The Lad3824d ago

he is not the real "power of green" the real power of green drones on & on & on till u die of boredom. like all u xbots

Pain3823d ago

The REAl ,Reason is xbox 2 inferiorness ,DVD9, No HDD, xbox hardware = HOLDBACK and most likey a crappy PS3 game.

im more interested in inFAMOUS a PS3 exclusive then a multi that will most likely be less on PS3 cuz of Xbox 2.

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MrBigShot1003824d ago

When doesn infamous come out anyways?

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