Happy Birthday, Xbox One. These were the worst games of your first year

GameZone's Matt Liebl: "Last week, we celebrated the PlayStation 4’s first birthday by listing the best and the worst games of its first year. Seeing as how today marks the one year anniversary of the Xbox One’s release, I think it only fair to do the same with Microsoft’s console. So happy first birthday, Xbox One, these were the worst games of your first year."

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Foehammer1397d ago

Don't think Ryse belongs on the list, it was greatly underrated.

christocolus1397d ago

same with max. enjoyed both games.

vishmarx1396d ago

im pretty sure a lot of people enjoyed driveclub killzone and knack too but theyre bad games and thats that
ryse absolutely deserves to be on it

NerdStar71396d ago

Exactly, enjoying something doesn't mean it's good, only that you like it. Some people enjoy Lil Wayne's music, but he's a pretty crap rapper.

SniperControl1396d ago

Personally, i love Driveclub, i think it's one of the best racing games out there, same goes for Shadowfall, a very good FPS with amazing graphics, Knack was ok, not brilliant but OK, more of a technical demonstration than a game.

OculusRift1396d ago

That's like your opinion, man.

Picnic1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

It was as linear and repetitive button mashing as can be. Originally set to be a Kinect game- for Xbox360.

Visually it was pretty - great art design - which only makes it feel more of a missed opportunity.

As a launch game goes, though, I'd give it up to 7/10 and if visuals are weighted more heavily, up to 8/10.

I can't say fairer than that.

Fireseed1396d ago

Personally I though Max and Ryse were at worst average games, but certainly not bad. However Fighter Within deserves some kind of award for being the first truly all around crap game of the new generation.

Zichu1396d ago

Only played Max on that list and it was quite enjoyable. Not the best game ever, but definitely quite fun.

I wouldn't play the rest though. Just not my kind of games.

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