Sonic Unleashed Gameplay Trailer HD

The blazing blue hero is faster than lightning and he's going to put a stop to Dr. Eggman's plans yet again... or is he?

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Silogon3824d ago

Looks like sega is also taking a page out of Insomniacs how to make a great game book, just like Nintendo did with Mario Galaxy. C'mon anyone can see the Ratchet floating bits here,the rail grinding. Please, what next is he gonna throw a wrench and talk to a robot too? Maybe pull out a cannon? We've already seen Nintendo's dastardly, diabolical plan to cover up the fact they never played Ratchet & Clank, yet Going commando and Mario Galaxy are near discernible only by character alone and for the fact R&C going commando came out 6 years ago on top of it.

Insomniac needs some royalty checks from these guys.

With that said, the new Sonic game looks pretty good. I admit it is a long ways from where we were with the SA games but a far shot away from the 2-d days. The days when Sonic actually meant something and mattered.

wolfehound223824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

To be fair a lot of games copy from other games. Although most developers will admit where they got there influences from. Something that Nintendo did not do with Mario Galaxy. And before people bash me I have a Wii and played Mario Galaxy which I thought was a decent game IMO.

Back on topic I'm hopeing this game turns out good. I really want to play a good Sonic game.

ChickeyCantor3824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

" the rail grinding"
i hope you are kidding.......i really hope you freaking are.
you just sound more and more pathetic >_< stop trolling.

bama3823d ago

I laughed Miyamoto one of the most talented game designers in the world copied Ratchet and Clank? Don't have too big of an ego trip kid.

That looks damn sexy though. Hopefully it plays well.

Silogon3823d ago

Play Ratchet and Clank going commando for 15 min and tell me Miyamto didn't steal every single shred of DNA for Galaxy from R&CGC. I dare you to come back here and try to tell me that. It's the exact same gameplay. Right down to traveling around spherical planets, man.

the gravity, the traversal, the way it zooms and pans. All of that was in Going Commando back 6 years ago. & if you really want a shocker take a trip to the Insomniac Museum located in R&CGC for some more eye opening "MY GOD NINTENDO RIPED INSOMNIAC OFF" Moments.

trust me. I was shocked when I seen Galaxy for the 1st time and more so played it. Anyone here who's played R&CGC or even part 3 knows I am right.

Voiceofreason3823d ago

I just dont see that.. Near identical? Only if you believe for two things to be identical they need only be vaguely similar. Like you would consider two blondes to be near identical simply because both have the same color hair. One could argue that they copied Mario simply by making a platformer that was similar to Mario64 in some ways.

Silogon3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

Mario wasn't the 1st 3-d platformer. Do your homework. Bubsy and jumping flash far exceeded Mario 64 as a true 3-d platformer, and if you want to get technical about it Clockwork Knight, Bug too aswell.

Play the damn game. Don't just sit here and try to be snide. Play the damn game, play them both in one sitting. Get to planet 2 of R&C and tell me that Mario Galaxy didn't steal the damn gimmick. Backup your idiotic claims by playing it and serve yourself some nice humility when you were proven wrong.

I am so sick of people discrediting R&C without playing it. you don't know what the hell it is about apparently and you sound really idiotic to people who have played it because all the elements in Mario Galaxy were present in R&C many years ago.

Age and deal.

Silogon3823d ago

Ratchet & clanks 2nd planet, oh 6 years before Galaxy got to the punch bowl.

ChickeyCantor3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

" Bubsy and jumping flash far exceeded Mario 64 as a true 3-d platformer"

I LoLd, you pretend your opinion is the one and only opinion.

But the platform elements were there way before R&C, using a weapon in game is done way before R&C etc F etc but do i see you whine about that ?

edit: or how Sonic did the whole rail grinding? or that bionic commando already did the swingin? The music to stop enemies in Rayman:RR??? and there is lots more going on there....really give it a freaking break.

If nintendo stole the whole planet thing ( ...the fact they already did the concept in 2D on the SNES And sonic already doing it in SA:2 ) then the makers of R&C are freaking talentless when it comes to NEW idea's ;)....according to your logic ofcourse.

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MaximusPrime3824d ago

it does look good but i'd rather wait for demo and reviews before i buy it.

resistance1003824d ago

This one is growing on me, still i need to try before i buy, sega have got nearly a decade of disapointment to make up for

San anto3824d ago

introducing sonic the wrecking ball.
why is it that he can now run head first into almost everything?

marionz3823d ago

have you played sonic rush on the ds? he can mow down things by holding down a button if you have built enough charge you can use it for a short time as a kind of sheild attack and run enemies down, kinda cool and usefull if you dont want to slow down the action too much.
works really well.

highdro3824d ago

im bying it !! sonic has always been part of my gaming expercience since i was a kid, i can neva forget the sonic on dreamcast, it was a really good game !!

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