First Sonic Unleashed Wii Screens

The first shots from the Wii version of Sonic Unleashed have emerged as the blue wonder returns to Nintendo.

Sonic Unleashed is the next-generation installment of the all-out speed franchise seeing versions for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and PS2. Dimps will be handling development for the Wii and PS2 versions, having had previous success with Sonic Advance and Rush.

A pair of scanned screens from Nintendo Power recently emerged on GoNintendo complete with comparision shots to the Xbox 360 version:

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resistance1003822d ago

Come on, the wii is more than capable of that.

Its a shame really

Silogon3822d ago

No, sadly it's not. That is the wii's capabilites. It's last gen hardware, man. What do you expect?

Sexius Maximus3822d ago

The Wii (which I happily own) has nearly identical specs as the original Xbox. I am pumped for a current gen version of this game though.

Godoftheweek3822d ago

It the Wii were capable of more, why have we not seen it? And do not point out SMG, or MP3, those games to me do not look any better. There may be some sugar-coating to make those games appear to look better than they are but do not kid yourself, as Siligon stated, the Wii is LAST-GEN.

I am not flaming, or trolling...I am just stating a simple FACT that for some reason the Nintendo faithful REFUSE to see.

Face it, you paid $250 or very likely more for a slighty overclocked with more memory GAMECUBE. Nintendo is raping the consumer by charging that ridiculous amount for grossly outdated technology. And the controller? Sure it can do some neat things, but it is hardly NEW nor REVOLUTIONARY as Nintendo would have you believe.

Pull your heads out of the sand and look around Nintendo faithful, you will see that Nintendo has once again tricked you into re-buying the GameCube.

SkullBlade3822d ago

Get the PS3 version, it should have similar motion sensing capability of the Wii version. (Tilt) but it will have graphics similar to the 360 version.

nintendojunkie283822d ago

Silogan why do you always show up on the wii message boards...If you hate the wii so much and it's so inferior ..why even bother.You've got to be an xbox fanboy.......for a system that's just a novelty/toy you sure do seem to care about it alot.

Mr Fancy Pants3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

sonic doesn't even has a shadow on the wii version... i think sega can do better then that.

resistance1003822d ago

Look at SMG and MP3:C if you don't believe me.

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Iceman100x3822d ago

Only an idiot would argue over some slightly better graphics when it's pretty much the same except for some color and resolution. Too bad people are dumb enough to buy exactly same games with a tad better visuals that are the same quality as the wii compared to pc's anyway.

games4fun3822d ago

slightly better graphics? more like way better, you dont even have shadows and the wii version looks like its having a hard time keeping up with the dreamcast version.

"Too bad people are dumb enough to buy exactly same games with a tad better visuals that are the same quality as the wii compared to pc's anyway."

no they will buy the better version that you admitted to, the one with better graphics and shadows i also heard that the wii version wont have nighttime. Also its hilarious you called the 360 version the pc version in fact no pc version is in development at all.

How much you want to bet the ps2(thats right ps"2") version might look better than the wii's?

i love that your trying to defend the wii since the game is multiplat you cant use the play for gameplay not graphics excuse, and all you can come up with is complaining that its only slightly better graphics and use the word quality as if the graphics dont factor in for quality its obvious the ps3,360 version makes your version look like a piece of crap i think the dreamcast version of sonic 1 looks better than the wii.

Silogon3822d ago

I agree the wii version looks donkey. the psp has better graphics than this, oh wait that's right the psp has ps2-quality graphics so it does have.

The wii is a novelty item, guys. It is all about the motion controls and having you wave your arms around looking stupid. The wii is under pwoered, out classed and out gunned in everyway when it comes to current gen, last gen or next gen.

Ps2's version will look better and what is said, you're right, the Dreamcast Sonic Adventures had better textures and graphics than this.

BeNice3822d ago

this is sonic and the secret rings a game that kicks the graphically impressive sonic 2006 on 360/ps3 in the nuts and is an actually good 3d sonic game partly because of the wii controls.

P.s it actually looks better than this. And most of the wii graphics hater don't know crap about technical specs, including you godly silogon.

Blackcanary3821d ago

I'm sorry dude i have the Wii and the graphics of the Wii are just abit better than the PS2 and ant even better than the Wii Nintendo made a big mistake not bringing out a console with next gen graphics.
With games like Super Mario Galaxy Mario Kart and super smash brothers the graphics ant gonna get better than that.
Feeding ur self lies isn't gonna change anything.
And i'm not a hater of the Wii i have all 3 consoles only differences is i'm not lieing to my self when comes what the Wii can do when it comes to graphics. Every thing Silogon says about the Wii is true.

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ChickeyCantor3822d ago

awwwwwww i was hoping for a 2D sonic game since this one is made by the same crew who made Sonic on the DS.

Intrepid3822d ago

While I know that the Wii version won't look anything like the 360/PS3 version, I don't like comparing scans to online pictures. I'm sure it looks slightly better than what's shown here.

tojfs79313822d ago

Those are still frame shots taken from the game.

Intrepid3822d ago

Yes, they are in game shots, but they are also scanned onto the computer. That explains the fuzziness.

ChickeyCantor3822d ago

" once again tricked you into re-buying the GameCube"
So when i got my self a N64....i was buying an underpowered gamecube ?! =0 interesting.

Veryangryxbot3822d ago

The wii is an overclocked gamecube. That is a fact. Just look at its technical stats. Its the same as Gamecube cept its runs a little faster.

Thats why people call it overclocked.

When you buy an N64, you didnt bought a underpowered gamecube. That doesnt even make sense. Youre trying to hard, fanboy.

Wii is overclocked Gamecube whether you like it or not. Thats why all the games look almost similar to Gamecube style. Cepts a little sharper if the developers are willing to work longer on it (higher costs). Most however just make a gamecube game on wii hardware and consider that good enough. Thats why most games dont look better than Gamecube.

What you gonna do about it. I told you so. If you want to play real next gen games, there is only one choice. Here is a hint. There is a Blu Ray played included in the system.

ChickeyCantor3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

Hold your horses!!

he said : "once again tricked you into re-buying the GameCube. "
Once again RE-buying.........mind the once again?

If the Wii is just a GCN,then wtf was the other thing that makes the Wii the second time?

And no you go play NExt gen games, ill just play games.

Intrepid3822d ago

Veryangryxbot didn't get it. Gay didn't realize he used repitition.

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