"Diablo III is first and foremost a co-operative game," says lead designer

The lead designer on Diablo III has just said that the game's main focus will be on co-operative play.

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khellendros13818d ago

Yeah that sucks. I don't want to depend on playing with someone to enjoy Diablo. All my friends have families and i don't want to wait for them to get my play on. Developers need to stop doing this crap. Make it an option not a necessity.

thor3818d ago

Did you play diablo 2? That's what it was about, basically. Of course there will be a single player game (and likely the same one as for co-op), but it's so much fun, even playing with someone that you don't know; it was very easy just to jump in and out of, but it did mean that the first few quests got a lot more playtime than the later ones.

BoneMagnus3818d ago

Another reason why it should stay PC exclusive - that would NEVER work on LIVE or PSO.../sarcasm...