Google plugs YouTube into Playstation 3

To the surprise of no one, Google is now offering software that streams video, photos, and music from your PC to your television.
The Google Media Server is a free Windows app that sends media files to your TV via the Playstation 3 and other Universal Plug-and-Play (UPnP) devices.
With help from the Google Media Server, your TV can access videos, music, and photos stored on your PC, and naturally, it can tap straight into YouTube, the video-sharing site where Google hopes to serve an enormous number of advertisements.

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TomMcBaum3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

...I could watch YouTube videos on my PS3 before, and TVersity could already do the UPnP Media Streaming, as could Windows Media Player 11, etc., etc. Wake me up when an app that actually does something new is available -- like NetFlix on Demand from my PS3.

3645d ago
shine13963645d ago

I think this is much easier and more bug free then Tv versity...but prefer winamp remote...It just service is coming by the way...what I really want is the youtube upload now...

SUP3R3644d ago

TVersity never worked for me, neither did Windows 11. Nero did, but the trial period expired.
So I wanna thank google for this app.

rodeoo3644d ago

ive had zero just have to set it up correctly

If you have trouble connecting to the media server with the PS3, you should add these two programs to your Windows Firewall exceptions:

C:\Program Files\TVersity\Media Server\MediaServer.exe
C:\Program Files\TVersity\Media Server\TVersity.exe

any other problem watch this vid

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jif863644d ago

TVserity already does a good job (kinda). But the ability to upload to YouTube would be epic win! :D

Lew_Ijgee3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Tversity is better, easier to use, and more functional.

Now Uninstalling Google Media Server.

whateva3644d ago

I can copy youtube videos to MY PS3 HD this is the best part about this!!!!!!!!

Siesser3644d ago

wow, if you can copy vids to your hard drive, that'd make it a worthy alternative.

Mr Blings3644d ago

for years with windows media connect, nothing new

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