TeamXbox: Happy Tree Friends False Alarm Review

Much like the Happy Tree Friends cartoon itself, it's hard to really know what to make of Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm. The flaws hold the game back from being as entertaining as it could have been, yet its over-the-top take on a classic formula is worth more than a few laughs to fans. On the other hand, it's safe to assume that those not already familiar with the warped humor of the show simply won't "get it".

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Zeevious3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Happy Tree Friends is great, and this sounds like a good formula but with frustrating game play issues.

One of the things in Lemmings was each level had different types of tools, for instance blocking so the other Lemmings would stop and turn around from that point.

Just having a generic action button greatly diminishes the strategy & skill, which is probably why the other frustrating issues are there.

That's really too bad, because everything else looks great and true to the fantastic Death-A-Tron experience that is Happy Tree Friends.

...Cuddles, Petunia...this way...Of course it's completely, absolutely, totally safe!