360 now "winning" in Europe? Does anyone actually care?

Guardian debates: "A few weeks ago Sony were telling us that the PS3 had "overtaken" the 360 in Europe. Now Microsoft are claiming that in Europe the 360 is, "at least, if not more than, three quarters of a million ahead of PS3". Of course, neither Microsoft or Sony mention the Wii which has comprehensively outsold both."

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sonarus3824d ago

I was under the impression that their victories were restricted to the UK. Great for the 360 i suppose being the cheapest next gen console has something to do with it.

Product3824d ago

If you go by what vgcharts says its true xbox is now winning in europe in total sales.somehow.

zapass3824d ago

little xcoxuckas need some good news but since there aren't any, they just make some up: bullsh!t to the rescue, foxnews style

the 360 has been handed its stinky fat ass in europe for a while as we all know.

wake-up m$ biotches: slap! slap! slap!
you're [email protected] in the real world


zenkai3824d ago

there is no way 360 won in Europe.

Veryangryxbot3824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

Sony announced not to long ago that they surpassed 360 sales. Now that was gloating but obviously they wouldnt have done that, if they didnt really passed the 360.

Now MS comes out. That just reeks of damage control. Why should I believe MS. They keep telling people to check their numbers but never tell people what those numbers are. They must use a special calculation for retards.

Because all analysts I have heard, all said PS3 surpassed 360 in Europe. Are they all using the wrong numbers, MS? Or are they using the wrong calculation because it shows 360 is getting hacked in Europe?

MS claims reeks of damage control and thus lies. Why should I believe you over others. How about you come out with some numbers and we can check for ourselves who is right and who is wrong?

Either way, I dont think people care about insignificant numbers like "three quarters of a million" aka 750K units. You saying that you lead by such trivial numbers when youre out twice as long, just reeks of damage control. Noone cares about such a retarded difference.

edhe3824d ago

Any lead for the 360 outside of the US is a victory for them.

Forget that Europe is a Sony stronghold? (despite SCEE being v. poor)

MS is yet the underdog, anything resembling or above Sony sales is an outright win for them this generation, early lead or not. It'd be like any another mp3 player selling the same as an ipod...

callahan093824d ago

"Any lead for the 360 outside of the US is a victory for them."

Oh yeah? Even if they had an 18 month lead (the PS3 didn't launch in Europe until March of 2007 you know)? Even though they had to cut prices drastically so the 360 costs less than a Wii in some European territories? Is it still a victory?

dantesparda3824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

Is a staunch 360 supporter/fanboy, he's got to be one of these other super-pro 360 guys like POG, Bladestar or Mart. He seems smarter than both POG or Bladestar, cuz half their sh!t is not so coherent and mispelled ridden. And Mart started fvcking up his spelling and making mad typos toward the end. But I just know its gotta be one of these super-pro 360 guys from this site in disguise.

And as for his spin, the fact is that Sony is performing way better in EU than MS is and that's at a higher price tag too and with less time. So he can spin it however he wants, the fact remains that Sony is doing better than they are.

kopicha3823d ago

your numbers prove anything imo. for a long time i have always wonder what makes up the number for 360 sales. there is one thing no one can deny which is the break down rate of 360 compare to PS3. i personally have friend who already purchase 3 360s because of RROD. so selling more doesnt prove they sell better especially when it ends up from the same owner. most ps3 owners only need to buy 1 and thats all. at least their figure is more accurate to the install base compare to M$ since hardly there would be case like ps3 broke and owner purchase a new one.

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Product3824d ago

i think its if you include uk which xbox is winning by a very large margin.

bababrooks3824d ago

i concur, uk loves the 360 gaming and live...the hardware suks though! i also think the 360 will have a great christmas gears will own.

Theo11303824d ago

Short answer, No. Long answer, No