Are The MGS4 Cutscenes Too Long?

Is Metal Gear Solid 4 just a feature length Blu-Ray movie? Are the cutscenes too long for gamers?

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Euphrate3826d ago

And the cut-scenes weren't even that long.

Plus, WHY THE HELL is KOTAKU always BASHING Metal Gear Solid?

This cut-scene thing, was settled when everyone bought MGS4, everyone saw them, and facking loved them, YOU ARE PLAYING THE CUT-SCENES,ACT 3 and final fight with Liquid prove this, it's not just movies.


vitz33826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

I whole heartedly agree. Kotaku and Brian Crescente are hacks. Their "journalism" is nothing more than MS bullsh**. I bet they suck on Marcus Fenix's **** between their posts.

All they do is troll all day and bash every game that comes out. They're in the wrong industry if they don't like games like MGS4.

MGS4's cutscenes are great. If they don't like them they can skip them instead of bi**hing about their length all the fu**ing time.

To Kotaku and their fans I say this. "Most people enjoy MGS4's cutscenes, they're well crafted masterpieces that come once in a lifetime. Deal. If you don't like them then shut the f*** up and get the hell off of my internet. Some people actually like games with intelligence in them. Maybe Kojima should have put a chainsaw somewhere in the game to satisfy the diaper wearing, drooling idiots like Brian Crescente"

I also boycott Kotaku. I have their site, Gamespot, Gamedaily, and Foxnews all blocked domains on my router. I suggest others do the same.

rickjames3826d ago

some of the cutscenes were kinda drawn out like the one where u first meet drebin. other than those the cutscenes were good

BobDog3826d ago

on my first playthrough i was looking forward to cutscenes more then game play, but one i was on my second, look forward to gameplay more

morganfell3826d ago

Just let it go. It's Kotaku, the great bastion of anti-Sony sentiment. That worm Brian Ashcraft hates Sony with a passion rarely seen and he will do anything to smear their name.

juuken3826d ago

It's freakin' annoying, that's what it is. They're starting to piss me off.

resistance1003826d ago

To be fair you get so wrapped up in the story you don't release how long the cut scenes are

Sheddi3826d ago

I agree, thats what happened to me
before i knew it, the cut-scenes were over

perils3826d ago

the plot should have been "Snake Wins" that would have satisfied some of these idiots. anyways- "I'd like to see them wrap up a 21 year old storyline WITHOUT cut-scenes" exactly right.

solidt123826d ago

I thought the length of the cutscenes were fine, I just thought a few of the Briefings were too long and drawn out when you are on the ship.

morganfell3826d ago

People seem to forget that the briefings are just long enough to allow you to both pat attention AND explore with the metal gear so you can recover secrets during the briefing. Such as certain secrets that allow you to take in game screenshots.

JackBauerIsHIGH3826d ago

I don't see what the big issue is. They asked a simple question as to whether anyone thinks the cutscenes are too long. I would say the majority of the people who played the game agree that they aren't long at all, but I believe they were just trying to get a gague on how people other than them see it.

I personally could have handled longer cutscenes but as they are it's perfect.

harrisk9543825d ago

FOR THE MOST PART... I have played the prior Metal Gear titles and never understood what the f'ck was going on. This was most likely because you had to read everything in the Codec scenes.... After playing MGS4, I totally understand the story. The cutscenes facilitated that. It is much easier AND more enjoyable to watch a beatuifully crafted and directed cutscene than to read dry text. PLUS, with the exception of a few of the "flashback" cutscenes, I thought that they were a good length. I also think that there was a perfect mix of gameplay and cutscenes. The longest cutscenes were in the epilogue anyway, AFTER the story ended! This is Kotaku looking to stir debate and fanboyism.

cmrbe3825d ago

Let it be. PS and MGS fans should just let it be. Let the haters and losers hate. They can never change the fact the MGS4 is a masterpiece and one of a kind. MGS4 is a love letter to the hardcore MGS fans as Kojima said. He did not flinch, he didn't compromise at all with regards to quality and his vision for his game. That is why i respect Kojima alot more than most devs.He dosen't try to please everyone because by doing so will result in a mess.

Its really sad some people still are not able to see the enormity of what Kojima had achieve. For the longest time in the gaming industry devs were trying their best to blur the line between movies and games. Now Kojima has done it some people hate him for it. We are now seeing the dawn of a new age in gaming with games like MGS4.It will take sometime for people to realize this but MGS4 really made adults think that gaming is a serious medium that can rival the movie industry in terms of delivering mature real movie like A grade caliber entertainment.Believe me when i say that alot of adults still see gaming as a kids thing despite its commercial success and i don't blame them. If we look at games before MGS4. Most of them if they were made directly into movies would be seen as B movies. Its the reason why alot of Games to Movies adaption sucked.

This will be the last time i post in these MGS4 hate threads. Again to all PS and MGS fans. Be like Kojima. Don't try to explain or defend this game to those who obviously are haters. Just ignore these threads and not give any of these guys any attention. Let it be.

permutated3825d ago

Oh yeah, fangirls and people with no job and no life.

You guys defend the game like it's the second coming of Christ. 90 minutes is too long.

Transporter473825d ago

Have you even played the game? i played the game, i beat the game, and i never found that "90 minute cut scene"

permutated3825d ago

There are two *roughly* 90 minute cut scenes in MGS4.

This was confirmed by a handfull of reviewers post release.

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Le-mo3826d ago

I have no problem with the cutscenes in MGS 4. In fact, on my first playthrough I was looking forward to the cutscenes more than the actual gameplay. Weird isn't it?

jwatt3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

At first they were long but then I just got used to them but I thought towards the end the cutscenes really started to get good.
Even though they are long if you think about it, there're only a hand full of games that can pull of long cutscenes and Metal gear is one of them. I can't really think of many other games that can pull off 30 minute cutscenes.

Edit: Yes some of the cutscenes are longer than they should be but I thought they were executed very well. For example in the briefing room where you can use the mkII to move around and you get to see different views I thought that was cool.

ThanatosDMC3826d ago

My friend, who so adorn 360, said MGS4 was CG!!! So i showed him the Briefing room sequences with the Mk. II... yep, he was speechless also showed him Snake's struggle to GW. He couldnt say anything afterwards.

juuken3826d ago

Lol @ Thanatos. That must have knocked him dead.

liquidsnake3826d ago

I was also looking forward to the cutscenes rather than playing the game itself :P.

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Lord Anubis3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

it's MGS4 the story/cut scenes play a big role in the game. the game is not for those idiots that love to run around killing anything in site and get killed several times in the process.

vickers5003826d ago

Those games are for idiots you say? Funny, but I thought games like that (cod4, gears, resistance) were always pretty damn fun. Just because someone does not like stealth based games, does not mean they are idiots you pompus a**hole.

Transporter473825d ago

lol, dude, first of all yea they are not idiots, but in a way they are lol, because you know those games are fun, so you do run like an idiot trying to kill someone and die in the process you never actually think every single way before you move, in this game you have to think and what is the best way to go through the game, if you want to take them out, sneak behind them, on all the other fps games you just go shoot and move on, yes you might want to make sure whats the best way to take them out, but once you shoot one, your not going to be able to take out all of them the same way, because once you engage you just keep shooting lol so you don't use brainpower too much, you just aim and shoot :), which is always fun :D lol

pwnsause3826d ago

ROFL at Kotaku, anti playstation article again. seriously if this game was on the 360 ( a game thats not even possible on that console [play act 3]) they would be going bonkers in a positive way

vitz33826d ago

No doubt. If this game was 360-confirmed next week I bet all the bashing would stop. Damn fanboys and their soapboxes.

pwnsause3826d ago

seriously the reason why they act like this is because they got ****ed on by sony when they leaked Home. F***ing F****ots

mistertwoturbo3826d ago

"I bet all the bashing would stop. "

Actually there would be more bashing in the likes of

"Hahahaha MGS4 is better on the 360!"

Condoleezza Rice3826d ago

How old are the writers at Kotaku?I'd expect such articles from a confused Junior High student.

resistance1003826d ago

Well to be fair theres alot of good writers, however Brian Ashcraft is a waste of space and brings the whole blog down with his negitive post's all the time

Heck i got banned from commenting on Kotaku as i called him out. On the sales one with him saying that 49=50 saying that sony were rounding up numbers, despite the fact that the graph clearly showed they sold over 50million units